Singer and Lover of Music in Big Apple Conquers Fear and Doubt

New York, N.Y.  I have always been a singer and lover of music, daydreaming about performing in front of audiences who came out specifically to hear me sing. My focus was not so much the money and fame, but doing what makes me the happiest and most fulfilled.


But I was always unsure, telling myself that I wasn’t good enough, talented enough, pretty enough…

That changed for me when I went to Landmark. Within the Self Expression and Leadership Program (“SELP”) in particular, I literally ‘found my voice’ – and realized that I need to believe in me and pursue whatever makes me happy.

I had amazing coaches in SELP who believed in me and encouraged me to pursue what I love, and to truly be a self-expressed leader. They even encouraged me to become a coach as well!

Jim Luce was one of the coaches who encouraged me to pursue my music, as well as Zoe Lee, the program leader.

Jim helped me to break down the barriers that were keeping me in my comfort zone, and to seek out opportunities that would bring me into the music world. To make bold requests and to put myself out there; because after all, the worst that could happen is that the answer would be no.

Mere months later I am now signed on with a record label, and I’ve released a single entitled “When,” and a Christmas album, entitled “Waiting Christmas Day” released just a few weeks ago!

I am so grateful to Jim and Zoe, as well as Yvonne, AhDream, Harini  – and all of my powerful Landmark coaches and friends, for their guidance, encouragement and support!

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Hear Oneika Webster’s newly released single “When” here.

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