Small Organization with Big Vision for Haiti

Berlin, Germany. Humanity 4 Haitian Development (H4HD) is a small organization with a big vision for Haiti. Founded by Marie-Andrée Barthélémy to help those affected by the earthquake of 2010, H4HD operates with an aim to better the quality of life for Haitians through facilitating and assisting in the development of rural and urban communities.


H4HD & G.I.A.N.T team members pose beside children during textbook distribution at primary school.

Haitian-American Marie-Andrée, now in Berlin, told The Stewardship Report:

Our hope is to inspire change by helping Haiti move towards a self-reliant, self-sufficient, independent and sustainable future. At present we are focusing on the areas of public health, agriculture and environment, infrastructure and shelter, water and sanitation and education. Already, we have begun this process in the town of Grand Goâve, which is located at the epicenter of the January 12th earthquake.

This past June 2010, we have teamed up with the Global Initiative for the Advancement of Nutritional Therapy (G.I.A.N.T.) to conduct needs assessments in Grand Goâve.

Educational Program Development Director, Nathalie Cajuste, explains H4HD’s
sustainable education mission to students, parents and faculty at primary school.

Humanity 4 Haitian Development located a school in dire need of support and managed to get them temporary shelter, textbooks, blackboards, uniforms and other educational material just in time for the school year this October.   Nathalie Cajuste, H4HD’s educational program development director, oversaw these operations and worked very closely with team members on the ground to critically assess the lesson plans being used to educate Haitian school children.

Happy students at the Rocher de la Deliverance school in Grand Goave,
Haiti after receiving donated textbooks needed for their first school semester

Upcoming projects include addressing the issues of funding for teachers and affordability of fees for parents. In addition, we will join efforts with G.I.A.N.T. to provide medical education clinics on cholera prevention containment and treatment among other issues.

Having identified the areas in which help is most needed we are now vigilantly seeking funding from people who are just as eager as we are to help address the issues that are most pressing and likely to help the victims of this small but great nation rebuild their lives.

Numerous discussions between Jim Luce  and Humanity 4 Haitian Development (H4HD) founder, Marie-Andrée Barthélémy, made it overwhelmingly apparent that they shared the same vision for the advancement of Haiti and there was  a lot of room for collaborative efforts between the neighboring towns of Léogâne and Grand Goâve. In their most recent exchange, Jim  noted:

There is so much un-tapped talent within the Haitian Diaspora. I applaud my Haitian-American friends for their involvement and will do anything I can to support their efforts. The Diaspora alone could rebuild Haiti if they could unify to do so. Orphans International Worldwide and the International University Center Haiti have partnered with Humanity 4 Haitian Development to help build the New Haiti. Marie-Andrée Barthélémy is the type of thought leader and global citizen to led the Diaspora forward.

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