Soldier is Seeking Support to Help Save Her Rescued Puppy From Being Left Behind

Photos courtesy of Paws of War

Photos courtesy of Paws of War

When one person tries to pay for the expenses to bring a rescued soldier’s dog back to the US from overseas it’s a costly endeavor. When 1,000 people come together and each chip in just $5 it’s a total game changer. With a small donation like that they can help to change the life of the soldier who has adopted the dog, and help ensure that the dog will live a healthy and safe life in land of the free.

“We absolutely want to help bring PupPup back to America. These overseas rescues are extremely challenging and have a high cost,” explains Robert Misseri, co-founder of Paws of War. “If we don’t step in to save these dogs and cats, the soldier is forced to leave behind an animal they rescued from a bad situation. An animal they deeply love left behind can become subject to abuse, neglect and unfortunately death. It sounds harsh but that is the truth on the ground for our hero soldiers.”

PupPup is a puppy that Army Sergeant Char, who is stationed overseas, fell in love with and rescued. Her mother was a stray dog who hung around the base and ended up giving birth to a litter of puppies trying to hide them from danger. The dog was moved to a safer place, giving her the ability to care for her babies. On several occasions the soldier’s had to hide the dog and her puppies from many potential deadly threats.

While all the other puppies were quick to warm up to the soldier’s, one stayed hidden. She was too shy and afraid to come out. Sgt. Char was immediately drawn to the one that was so shy, she focused her love and attention on this little pup trying to help the puppy get comfortable and ensure she was being fed. She ended up gaining the trust of the dog she named PupPup, and they formed a loving bond. Now that Sgt. Char is scheduled to head back to the US, she can’t bear the thought of having to leave her dog behind. She knows PupPup won’t survive. Sgt. Char is still the only person PupPup will go to.

“I’m desperately asking Paws of War to help me bring my beautiful helpless PupPup back to America with me because I can’t stand the thought of leaving her behind,” says Sgt. Char. “This spot can be very harsh to dogs and I fear she will die if she is left behind. Plus, we have formed such a strong bond that means everything to me. I can’t turn my back on her and would be forever grateful for the help to get her home.”

The only way Paws of War can successfully bring PupPup back to America to live with Sgt. Char in a loving forever home is with financial help from people in the community. Paws of War is asking for donations to help cover the costs of bringing this special dog home. They are urgently accepting donations so they can save this dog and help this soldier.

To see get more information or make a donation, visit the site:

Paws of War has helped numerous soldiers to bring their rescued animals back to the U.S. However, this year the mission is more challenging to pull off. The pandemic has added additional quarantines, medical treatments and challenges transporting animals from remote locations. There are a severely limited number of flights coming into the U.S., especially those allowing dogs. Plus, flights from overseas are costly, and there is a lot of red tape that needs to be addressed and logistics to overcome.

Paws of War helps soldiers bring their rescued dogs and cats back to America after serving their country overseas through it’s War Torn Pups and Cats program. Those who would like to learn more about supporting Paws of War and its mission can go online to:


Photo courtesy of Paws of War

Photo courtesy of Paws of War

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