Lt. Col. Artist Donates Proceeds from Art to Veterans Foundations

New York, N.Y. Vanity Fair celebrity interviewer George Wayne and Emmy Award Winning TV Host, Best Selling Author and daughter of P.O.W. saved by U.S. Troops, Rita Cosby co-hosted an exhibition and benefit at The Soldiers and Sailors Club on Lexington Avenue in New York City last Thursday.

Stand for the Troops Benefit @ Soldiers & Sailors Club-8037Lt. Col. David Richardson and Tomaczek Bednarek.
Photo credit: Jeff Smith.

Additional co-hosts included founders of Global Stress Initiative (GSI) and Stand for the Troops (SFTT), Lorraine Silvetz, M.S.W. and Eilhys England Hackworth respectively and award winning actress and star of the upcoming feature film, “Ivy and Mistletoe,” Julianne Michelle.

Stand for the Troops Benefit @ Soldiers & Sailors Club-8181-2Rita Cosby and George Wayne.
Photo Credit: Jeff Smith.

Friends and supporters of GSI and SFTT, who provide innovative treatment for service members and veterans, were present for the special event.

20190316_225302Lorraine Silvetz, Barbara Meister Bender, Jane Pontarelli.
Photo credit: The Stewardship Report.

Among the packed house of attendees was a cohort of media heavyweights including Wall Street Journal Editor James Taranto, legendary Financial Times columnist John Dizard and Vanity Fair contributing writer George Gurley.

Stand for the Troops Benefit @ Soldiers & Sailors Club-8077Julianne Michelle and Chynna Tian. Photo credit: Rose Billings.

Other notable attendees included: Will Rockefeller, Whitney Wetherill Stroh  and film producers, Joycelyn Engle, Count Joseph DiPalma, Noel Ashman and Bob Kravitz. 

20190317_155840Lorraine Silvetz, Larry Romano and Julianne Michelle.
Photo credit: Rose Billings.

EEEilhys England HackworthPhoto credit: The Stewardship Report.

Rita Cosby, spokesperson for Global Stress Initiative, states:

I am so proud to align with Global Stress Initiative, Stand for the Troops and Lt. Col Richardson who all do so much to ensure our troops get the necessary help to deal with the unseen wounds of war after they leave combat.

FB_IMG_1552878143787Lorraine Silvetz, Jane Pontarelli, and Robert Silvetz, M.D.
Photo credit: Rose Billings.

The chance to see David Richardson’s paintings in New York drew the creme de la creme of Gotham’s art establishment including gallerists Mark Murray, Cameron Shay, Andrew Miller and high powered collectors such as Brian Frasca and Leslie Barret.

Stand for the Troops Benefit @ Soldiers & Sailors Club-8096Eleni Kefa, Errol Rappaport, Barbara Meister Bender, Lorraine Silvitz, and
David Schuyler Bender. Photo Credit: Jeff Smith.

They auctioned an original piece by artist, author, and retired marine Lieutenant Colonel David Richardson. The piece in question titled “Muscle Man,” which is acrylic and buck shot on plywood, also serves as the cover art for Lt. Col. Richardson’s debut novel War Story, due to be released by Permuted Press April 16th of this year.

Stand for the Troops Benefit @ Soldiers & Sailors Club-8062Tomaczek Bednarek, Rita Cosby and Andrew Miller.
Photo credit: Jeff Smith.

Lt. Col. David Richardson also donated proceeds from the auction of his cover art to both GSI and SFTT to fund further treatment for service members and veterans with PTSD and traumatic brain injury (TBI). 

CCCDanuta Hamlin, Julianne Michelle, Rita Cosby, Glisel Perez, Lorraine Silvetz
and Marjorie Tornatore. Photo credit: Jeff Smith.

Lt Col David Richardson states: 

I’m so happy to be able to support my fellow veterans by donating funds for partner foundations, GSI and SFTT who provide individualized transcranial magnetic stimulation (iTMS), a non-invasive treatment ,which is extremely effective in the treatment of P.T.S.D.

IMG-2541Rebecca Scott and Kenneth Pitt.
Photo credit: The Stewardship Report.

Lorraine Silvetz, M.S.W. and her husband, Robert Silvetz, M.D. donated treatment for 100 veterans at their clinic in Virginia between 2017-2018. Their goal is to bring the innovative protocol to the northeast where it is sorely needed. 

Stand for the Troops Benefit @ Soldiers & Sailors Club-8169Lorraine Silvetz and Rita Cosby.
Photo credit: Jeff Smith.

Lorraine states:

Global Stress Initiative is honored by Lt. Col. Richardson’s generous offer of support for our treatment of service members and veterans. GSI donated treatment, utilizing individualized transcranial magnetic stimulation (iTMS), to 100 veterans with 99% reversal of symptoms between 2017-2018. Stand for the Troops is partnering with us to propagate this transformative protocol to as many veterans as possible. 

Stand for the Troops Benefit @ Soldiers & Sailors Club-8120Julianne Michelle, Adele Nino, Rita Cosby, Tomaczek Bednarek, and Jane Sher.
Photo credit: Jeff Smith.

SFTT was founded by the late, great Col. David Hackworth and his widow, Eilhys England Hackworth. Eilhys states:

My late husband Col David “Hack” Hackworth and I founded Stand for the Troops because combat veterans need to be protected, post active duty, with more than lip service. The goal of our non-profit to heal as many veterans with PTSD/TBI as possible, as quickly as possible, so these men and women can once again become active members of their families and society. 

Stand for the Troops Benefit @ Soldiers & Sailors Club-8130Rita Cosby, Noel Ashman, and Doug Dechert.
Photo Credit: Jeff Smith.

Award winning actress Julianne Michelle states: 

I was honored to help support this very important cause, celebrating veterans who sacrifice greatly to protect our freedom and often suffer silently. To join in efforts to address their needs was extremely dear to my heart.

Stand for the Troops Benefit @ Soldiers & Sailors Club-8174Tomaczek Bednarek, Rita Cosby, Lorraine Silvetz, Jake Freijo, and George Wayne.
Photo credit: Jeff Smith.

For more information on Global Stress Initiative and Stand for the Troops go to and

For more information on Lt. Col. David Richardson’s art go to

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