Southampton Hospital “Fantasia” Summer Gala Raises $1.3 Million

By Sara Herbert-Galloway.

Southampton, N.Y.  Southampton Hospital’s 57th Annual summer gala, chaired by Trustee Jean Remmel FitzSimmons raised over $1.3 million for Southampton Hospital’s Jenny and John Paulson Emergency Department.

Lenny Stucker Photograph-8Jean Shafiroff, Martin Shafiroff, Ellen Scarborough, Chuck Scarborough.
Photo: Lenny Stucker /

Fantasia - Southampton Hospital's 57th Annual Summer PartyEllen Scarborough and Chuck Scarborough Emmy Award winning newsman and
the evenings Master of ceremonies. Photo: Sean Zann/Patrick

Southampton Hospital has provided care for the community since 1909 and is the Hampton’s longest running charitable cause.

Fantasia - Southampton Hospital's 57th Annual Summer PartyHonorary Chair Howard Lorber with Jennine Gourin.
Photo: Sean Zann/Patrick

Fantasia - Southampton Hospital's 57th Annual Summer PartyActress Cassandra Seidenfeld, philanthropist Janna Bullock, publisher
Randi Schatz.
Photo: Sean Zann/Patrick

Howard Lorber, Chairman of the hospital’s Board of Trustees and Honorary Chair, Underwriting Chair Jean Shafiroff, Southampton Hospital President & CEO Robert Chaloner and Southampton Hospital Foundation President Steve Bernstein welcomed over 750 supporters.

Lenny Stucker Photograph-5Publisher Debra Halpert and Southampton Hospital President & CEO
Robert Chaloner. Photo: Lenny Stucker /

Lenny Stucker Photograph-6Guest and Dottie Herman, CEO of Douglas Elliman.
Photo: Lenny Stucker /

The “Fantasia” themed black and white dress attire added an old world formality to the illustrious setting beneath the large air conditioned white tents on the corner of Wickapogue and Old Town Road.

Lenny Stucker Photograph-7Socialite Joy Marks. Photo: Lenny Stucker /

Honorary Chair, Howard Lorber will lead the upcoming capital campaign to build a new Southampton Hospital on the sight of the old Southampton College and was very excited over their upcoming with Stony Brook, a teaching hospital. I can’t think of a more qualified person than Howard Lorber to get this job done.

Fantasia - Southampton Hospital's 57th Annual Summer PartyTony, Urrutia, Christina Mc Larty and husband, actor and producer
David Arquette.
Photo: Sean Zann/Patrick

Fantasia - Southampton Hospital's 57th Annual Summer PartyTV personality Katlean deMonchy and Dr. Judith Hellman.
Photo: Sean Zann/Patrick

Howard is a leader in the largest residential real estate brokerage company in the New York metropolitan area and a very well respected member of the community.

Lenny Stucker Photograph  Tony Award Winning producers Stewart F. Lane “Mr. Broadway” and
Bonnie Comley. Photo: Lenny Stucker /

Lenny Stucker Photograph-3Philanthropists extraordinaire John Catsimatidis and wife Margo Catsimatidis.
Photo: Lenny Stucker /

Jean Remmel FitzSimmons is a distinguished member of the Southampton Hospital family and an esteemed trustee. The Jean Remmel FitzSimmons Society was created to honor and recognize friends who include the hospital in their estate plans.

Fantasia - Southampton Hospital's 57th Annual Summer Party Whitney Fairchild and Mark Gilbertson. Photo: Sean Zann/Patrick

Fantasia - Southampton Hospital's 57th Annual Summer PartyMarianne Epley and Southampton Mayor Mark Epley,
N.Y. State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle and his wife Penny.
Photo: Sean Zann/Patrick

Chuck Scarborough emceed the evening. Some of the many supporters in attendance were John and Margo Catsimatidis,  Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Southampton Village Mayor Mark Epley, Dottie Herman, Somers Farkas, Laura Lofaro Freeman, David Arquette and Jay McLaughlin.

Fantasia - Southampton Hospital's 57th Annual Summer PartyMartin Gruss and Audrey Gruss. Photo: Sean Zann/Patrick

Fantasia - Southampton Hospital's 57th Annual Summer PartyKasia McCormick, Somers Farkas, Margo Casimatidis.
Photo: Sean Zann/Patrick

Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff has chaired the event before and is very dedicated to Southampton Hospitals cause and other foundations affiliated with the hospital, namely The Ellen P. Hermanson Foundation.

Fantasia - Southampton Hospital's 57th Annual Summer PartyTrustee Jean Remmel FitzSimmons, Laura Lofaro Freeman, former gala chair.
Photo: Sean Zann/Patrick

Fantasia - Southampton Hospital's 57th Annual Summer PartySteve Bernstein, Philanthropist and Underwriting Chair Jean Shafiroff,
Alex Donner.
Photo: Sean Zann/Patrick

Everything about the evening was black and white, even the floor of the tent… everything except my dress of course. I mistakenly wore a crimson colored summer gown, I guess one could say that I ‘added color’ to the affair.

Lenny Stucker Photograph-4Jean Shafiroff and the author Sara Herbert-Galloway.
Photo: Lenny Stucker /

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