Step Forward For Orphans Day Held in Washington

Washington, D.C.  Both Ends Burning, an organization dedicated to defending every child’s human right to a permanent loving family, recently held their second annual Step Forward For Orphans Day on Saturday, May 17, 2014.


Following last year’s successful march on Washington, D.C., this year’s events focused on “stepping out” at various major league baseball stadiums throughout the country. The sites include Boston’s Fenway Park, Chicago’s Wrigley Field, St Louis’ Busch Stadium and Los Angeles (Anaheim’s) Angel Stadium.

Not limited to these four major league events, other creative community activities such as sporting events, block parties, school functions and family gatherings were held to share the message.

To create an event in your community, please contact Sandy Davis by emailing or calling (636) 219-6760.

For more information on Both Ends Burning click here.

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