Stonehenge/Luce Space & Annex Operational & Administrative Guidelines

Stonehenge/Luce Space & Annex
1143 & 1159 Second Avenue, NYC 10065
Operational & Administrative Guidelines
+ “Turn Key” Understanding of Usage
+ Request For Usage Form

The James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation (“the Foundation”), with Executive Offices at 540 Main Street, Suite #418, New York, N.Y. 10044, in cooperation with Stonehenge Properties (“Stonehenge”), is pleased to offer the Stonehenge/Luce Space & Annex for receptions, meetings and other events – in addition to booth and exhibition space – hosted by not-for-profit entities associated with the Foundation through its Labor@tory, specifically institutional partners and special friends.  To confirm availability, e-mail info@lucefoundation.orgPlease note the following specifics:

  • Capacity

–   Stonehenge/Luce Space: 75
–   Stonehenge/Luce Annex: 75

  • Available Technology & Equipment

–   Wi-Fi Internet connection

–   Projector screen

  • Catering

–   Caterers and related expenses are the responsibility of the borrowing organization

–   Refreshments are not provided by the Foundation

–   There are no kitchen facilities available

–   Alcohol is not permitted in the Space or Annex without prior written approval from the Foundation

  • Staff coverage for Event

–   Someone from the borrowing organization must br available to register guests and guide them in the Space and/or Annex.

–   This person should also be available to receive food deliveries and catering pick-ups for events (food should be addressed to the attention of this person)

  • Outside Organizations

–   Organizations not associated with the Luce Labor@tory, as either Institutional Partners or Institutional Special Friends, cannot book the Space and/or Annex without written permission from both the Foundation and Stonehenge.  The Foundation will request and receive permission form Stonehenge directly.

  • Security & Hours of Operation

–   There is no security provided in either the Space or the Annex and guests are responsible for securing the premises.

–   The Space and Annex are available from 8am to 10pm even days per week.

–   Sponsoring organization must be present during sponsored events.

–   No staff and/or guest should remain in the Space and/or Annex after 11:00pm unless with permission of the Foundation.

  • In Case of Emergency

–   Evacuate to the street in case of emergency.

–   Fire extinguishers are available in both Space and Annex

–   A first aid kit is available in the Annex office

  • End of Events Procedure/Checklist

–   Leave Space and/or Annex in the same state in which it was found, including but not limited to: any moved furniture, technology equipment used, screens used, and cleanliness and removal of any items you brought to facilitate your event, including food.

–   Please be sure to turn off all equipment upon event completion.

–   It is the responsibility of the organization to clean the tables, floors and all surfaces.  If additional cleaning services are necessary it is the responsibility of the borrowing organization to hire and compensate.

–   Inspect floors and carpets and all table surfaces for any spillage.  Spillages should be blotted up immediately with disinfectant wipes or paper towels.

–   Please report damage to space to the Foundation by e-mail.

  • Additional Reminders

–   A Space and/or Annex Request Form must be completed and submitted for each reservation.

–   Space becomes available to other organizations if reservation forms are not received within 48 hours of initial space requests.

–   Due to the demand for the Space and/or Annex, the Foundation requests 24-hour notice for all cancellations.  More than three (3) episodes of failure to cancel in advance may result in an inability to reserve the space in the future.

–   In fairness to the many organization requests the Foundation receives, please only schedule time you will be present and utilizing the space.

–   In order to maintain the Space and Annex areas in optimum condition for all to enjoy, we request the following.

  • Any surfaces used for serving or eating should be covered by provided placemats located in the credenza.
  • Please clean place mats and all used surfaces with Clorox wipes (also provided in the credenza) and return to credenza after usage.
  • Please use precautions against getting marker or ink on tables and walls.
  • Avoid using markers and pens on any posters attached to walls to avoid bleeding.
  • Please only use adhesives provided by the Foundation on tables and walls.
  • Keep furniture a safe distance away from walls in order to avoid damage to walls.


“Turn Key” Understanding of Usage

  • We understand that the Stonehenge/Luce Space and Annex is for use by non-profit organizations affiliated with The James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation (“the Foundation”) through the Foundation’s Labor@tory;
  • We understand that in the event of equipment, space or furniture damage Space and/or Annex, we must report it to the Foundation and will be held financially responsible for repairs, with the Foundation having sole discretion over vendor(s) used for repairs;
  • In consideration of the Space and/or Annex neighbors, we will do our best to keep the noise to a moderate level;
  • We will return all furniture and equipment to its original location each time we use the Space and/or Annex, and understand that moving furniture requires additional staff or volunteers that we will provide;
  • We will clean up after events, including but not limited to wiping down tables, counters and chairs, vacuuming excess crumbs or other items off the floor and cleaning carpet and potential carpet stains from spills;
  • We or a representative from my organization will be present and responsible for the drop-off and pick-up of any potential catering items;
  • We understand that the Foundation provides technology and space, but it is up to my organization to provide office supplies and food/refreshments for guests;
  • We will be conscientious of Boardroom wall and table surfaces by:
    • using markers and pens carefully, not writing on any paper affixed to walls.
    • keeping all furniture at least one inch away from walls
    • only using adhesives provided by the Foundation
  • We will ensure the space is prepared for the next user by including time for set-up and clean-up in my scheduled time;
  • We have been instructed on the use of all technology and are confident that we know how to use it properly;
  • We understand if any problems occur it is my responsibility to contact the Foundation team immediately;
  • We understand that the Space and/or Annex require someone from my organization be present to register guests and guide them in the space;
  • We will only schedule time in the Space and/or Annex when we or our colleagues will be present and utilizing the space;
  • We are aware that due to the demand of space the Foundation requests 24 hours’ notice for all Space and/or Annex cancellations.  More than three episodes of failure to cancel in advance may result in an inability to reserve the space in the future; and
  • Through the signature/s below, we confirm that we have read and will abide by the rules and conditions listed above and in the “Stonehenge/Luce Space & Annex Turn Key Understanding of Usage” and will take full responsibility for all attendees abiding by these rules.  We understand that any failure to abide by these rules can affect future access to privileges.

Organization Name

____________      _____________         _________
Name 1 Printed          Name 1 Signature           Date

_____________    ______________      ________
Name 2 Printed     Name 2 Signature    Date

This form must be signed by all event contacts the first time they reserve space.

Stonehenge/Luce Space and/or Annex Request for Usage Form

Please type /check mark your information into the shaded areas


Event Date:

Contact Person:





Cell phone:

Storefront (pls, click to check off):    Space   and/or  Annex

Purpose of event:

Participants (number):

Will you be serving:

Food/Beverages?   Yes   No

Catering?   Yes   No  Wine?   Yes   No
Alcohol is only permitted with prior Foundation approval

Receptionist?   Yes   No 

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