STOP Fake Migrant Crisis with For-Profit Prisons, Concentration Camps

New York, N.Y. The Stewardship Report calls for an immediate STOP to Donald Trump’s fake migrant crisis and the resulting number of immigrants being separated from their families and incarcerated in for-profit prisons.

Jim Luce explains, “Donald Trump intentionally created this humanitarian crisis on our border to force Congress to fund his crazy wall – by denying immigrants their legal right to apply for asylum at legal entries and separating families. It must end now!”

alan-kurdiImmigration tragedies were once confined to Europe’s shores. No longer.
Here, rest in peace, the lifeless body of little Alan Kurdî.

The editors of The Stewardship Report on Connecting Goodness therefore call for:

  • The Democratic presidential candidates to mirror former United States Secretary of Housing & Urban Development Julián Castro’s lead in denouncing these authoritarian and inhumane policies;
  • The U.S. House of Representatives under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi to demand action – and to take action until each and every humane member of Congress is imprisoned for protesting this man-made, un-American tragedy;
  • Employees of any company selling services or products to this system of evil to walk off the job, following the lead of the courageous employees of Wayfair in Boston. Salesforce employees, take note;
  • Demonstrations outside ICE facilities in every city in America until this crisis is averted;
  • The United Nations and UNICEF to begin immediate investigations and penalties against the Trump Administration; and
  • Agreement that if Trump’s “mass deportation” actually begin, we as “Moral Americans” video tape and post to social media every arrest we witness.

600-Father Daughter copyOscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez travelled from El Salvdar to to give his daughter
Valeria a better life. After not being able to cross legally, the father in desperation
brought his daughter across the Rio Grande, with both perishing in the process.

As a publication, in the first time of our history, we cry emphatically: Enough is enough. We can NOT stand by and do nothing. We will be asked to account for our actions to our grandchildren and we simply must ACT NOW. – The Editors

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The Editors
The Stewardship Report on Connecting Goodness is the communications platform of The James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation ( There are now more than 100 contributors around the world to this publication.

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