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“Superbug” Linked to Chicken Sickens People

An international team of scientists has identified a new kind of “superbug” — or strong bacteria — that has made people sick. They link the development of the superbug to the use of antibiotic drugs in farm animals. The scientists say this new strain of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus — known as MRSA – sickened at […]

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Tough Man, Tender Chicken: Philanthropist Frank Perdue

Salisbury, MD.  I grew up with my family watching Frank Perdue on TV and eating his chicken once a week, the first corporate executive to market his own product. He was a warm man, but I did not really know him. Now, thanks to his widow, Mitzi Perdue, and her new book Tough Man, Tender Chicken, […]

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