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Bodhgaya’s Kalachakra (Part 1)

New York, N.Y. xxx On the perfect plan breaks In the spring of 2011, the ceremony of Kalachakra by Dalai Lama wase held in Bodhgaya, India, where the Buddha enlightened 2700 years ago. Usually Kalachakra is held only once or twice during each lifetime for each Dalai Lama, but this Dalai Lama has already been held […]

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The Story of Hyperthermia (Part 3)

New York, N.Y. xxx Thermotherapy in which the waves of sunlight and the waves of the deep earth are connected. This year, the 2nd World OnnetsuTherapy Conference will be held from 3rd to 7th September hosted by Minister of Health in Havana, Cuba. I am getting very demanded in the world right now, as the inventor […]

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The Story of Onnetsu Therapy (Part 2)

New York, N.Y. xxx Medicine that respects nature’s self healing power is the real thing I gave lectures on Onnetsu therapy to over 70 doctors in Cuba. And I realized one thing. There are too many unnecessary things among the things that are common in our society. In our socisrty Influenced by the advertisement that they […]

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The Story of Onnetsu Therapy

New York, N.Y. There is no coincidence. Everything is under the law of the universe. Do not miss any opportunity … Meet “Iron Teacher” I talked a lot about the work we have done as a impresario so far, but I am currently doing medical treatments and lectures all over the world as practitioners of oriental […]

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Volunteer Experience with Hurricane Katrina (Part 2)

New York, N.Y. When I volunteered at Houston’s Astrodome that accepted 35,000 people who became evacuees in Hurricane Katrina, surprisingly there was hope for the face of most evacuees I met. They were calm, now calm and safe. The children were playing  happy. Tragedy of Katrina who helped poor people in America The truth of the […]

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Volunteer Experience with Hurricane Katrina (Part 1)

New York, N.Y. In August 2005 I was watching Hurricane Katrina’s television broadcast with a terrible despair and deep sorrow. I wondered if there was anything I could do and wanted to know what the local people really feel and what they needed, I decided to go to Houston. Volunteer experience seeing the truth of America’s […]

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Pavarotti’s Story: Pavarotti Who Lived 100% of His Life

New York, N.Y. There was a tremendous tenor singer from Italy named Luciano Pavarotti. There are many people who know as the Three Tenor with Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras. I think that it was in 1972 that he and I met the first time. Although he was still not famous yet, I was  […]

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The Story of the Tibetan Manjushree Orphanage (Part2)

New York, N.Y. xxx Treatment of children’s pulmonary tuberculosis, new school building was born in Manjushree 2015! From that day I lived together with my children for two weeks, but I lived in jams close together in a narrow place, They are incredible.  They never fight, they will not shout.. Sharing every thing, all things, trying […]

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