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Honoring Young Leaders and Humanitarians at U.N. Mission

New York, N.Y.  Fifteen years ago, I began a journey of unknown destination. Last week, we celebrated that journey — and the many people who have journeyed with us. Many destinations — Haiti, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Cuba – have become apparent over the years, as has our focus on the arts, education and orphan […]

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Essay Five Years Ago: Will a Vow of Poverty Fill the Void In My Soul?

New York, N.Y.  As I approach my fiftieth birthday, I am feeling incomplete. Part of me – my soul? – is still missing. In secular terms, I think I am not yet in touch with the best way to serve humanity. In theological terms, I would say I have yet to stumble upon God’s full […]

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Fountain House Stands Up to Mental Illness

New York, N.Y. I thought I knew charity events, but I was not prepared for the magnitude of the recent Fountain House symposium and luncheon in the Grand Ballroom of The Pierre that raised over one million dollars for a premier New York City mental health program. I was riveted by the professionals who spoke on ‘The Changing […]

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F.D. Alleman-Luce: Talk on the Role of Women – 1973

Psychological Determinants of a Woman’s Role I have been asked to talk about what psychology can tell us about who we are and why we act as we do.   If you deal with psychology today ”” whether it’s running rats in a maze or dealing with juvenile delinquents or discussing the role of women ”” […]

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Frances Dudley Alleman-Luce: State Tributes

 “Dream of feeding the hungry, and the means of doing it follow…” – Frances Dudley Alleman-Luce, 1973 Note from the President of the United States and his Wife Congressional Record Proceedings of the 107th Congress Washington, D.C. March 2001 In Honor of Frances Dudley Alleman-Luce Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to Frances […]

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Jim Luce on His Mother

Jim Luce was the son of Frances Dudley Alleman-Luce, a child psychologist born in Portland, Maine in 1924, raised on Boston’s South Shore, and retired to Brookline, Massachusetts.  She passed on in New York City, 2001. My Mother: “God Damn It James, I Raised You Better Than That!” F.D. Alleman-Luce: Talk on the Role of Women […]

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Let Us Not Waste The Limited Number of Hours We Have Left

New York, NY. 9/11 brings back haunting memories. Having buried by brother and mother almost back-to-back just before 9/11, losing all three of my life-long mentors over the passing years, and recently burying my father and step-mother, death to me is no longer a stranger. My grasp of our human fragility stems from watching the […]

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Fifty Lessons Learned from Decade in International Development

New York, N.Y.  The purpose of the symposium was to train and support the next generation of progressive political entrepreneurs. Mark Green‘s former campaign staffer Keith Dumanski had recommended me to the New York Director of the NLC, Daniel Getman, and here I was: ready to give life lessons. An awkward thought crossed my mind […]

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