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Prayer for World Peace (8/10/19)

New York, N.Y. Thinking about Memorial Day in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 5th On August 5th, the Atomic Bomb Drop Memorial Ceremony of the Shinto priests in Hiroshima and Nagasaki was held at both the Japan Society and the United Nations. I am a Shinto priest, requested to pray for peace as a Shinto priest, […]

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Vol. 81 – UAE Story (2; 8/3/19) – WAY OF LIFE

New York, N.Y. The book I bought also described the plans and experiments until the completion of the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum. According to it, this net-like ceiling, which is the material of the huge bamboo basket, seems to be made up of a combination of parts that have a net-like shape that is shaped like […]

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Celebrating Ryo-chan’s Shichigosan in Tenkawa

New York, N.Y. God of performing arts, Tenkawa Shrine Celebrating Ryo-chan’s Shichigosan in Tenkawa My grandDAUGHTER was 3 years old on July 15th, so I went to Japan for 753 on June 9th. I was asked to do TRADITIONAL CEREMONY FOR HER for the Tenkawa Shrine in Nara, which I am always taking care of. […]

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Vienna: Mrs. Reagan and the ‘Just Say No’ Campaign (76)

New York, N.Y. In my last column, I wrote the operetta performance, but when I was planning this performance, I was contacted by Mrs. Reagan’s office. At that time, it was a social issue that children could easily get out of drugs to distract them, and Mrs. Reagan was trying to run a famous drug eradication […]

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In Wein, the Moving Performance Known as Vienna Operetta

New York, N.Y. Vienna operetta moving performance Vienna, the Austrian capital, has a special feeling. Known as the capital of music all over the world, it has been commended as a person who has contributed to the artistic development of Vienna and has received a gold medal named Gold Medal of Cultural Merit. I am […]

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Budapest: Reunion with My 50-Year-Old Friend Beata (Part B)

A Journey in Budapest Reminds Me of the Past New York, N.Y. When I walk in the city I’m traveling to, I remember the various jobs I’ve done so far. For example, in Poland, I think that something like this happened here, and I invited Tomashewski for that. However, IN BUDAPEST, I remembered what I was […]

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NYC: Sixty Years Ago, Dalai Lama Crossed Mountains, Cultures to West

Dalai Lama July Gathering Set to Sell Out at Essex House NYC New York, N.Y. “In 1959 — sixty years ago this year — His Holiness the Dalai Lama crossed the snow-covered Himalayan Mountains from Tibet into India to escape Chinese Communist persecution,” states Dr. Kazuko Tatsumura-Hillyer, founder of Gaia Holistic Foundation. “No one really knew of […]

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In Dubai: Travelling Around World, Explaining Research Results

Abu Dhabi, Dubai. Finishing the Conference on Alternative Medicine in Abu Dhabi, the other day, I went to the desert city of Dubai, one of the famous cities in the United Arab Emirates. There was a conference on holistic medicine there – The Sixth World Summit on Cancer Research & Therapy — and I was invited as a […]

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