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As Expected, Hong Kong Gay Rights Suffer Setbacks

Hong Kong, China. Hong Kong’s LGBT community has notched small, incremental victories in recent years, but new developments have made those triumphs seem fragile and fleeting. Last Friday, the Hong Kong Court of Appeal overturned a landmark ruling that granted health benefits to the husband of a male civil servant, the same benefits enjoyed by […]

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Hong Kong Rights Group Calls China’s NGO Law a ‘Step Forward’

Washington, D.C. A Hong Kong group advocating for workers’ rights in mainland China says the country has taken a “step forward” by passing a new law to regulate overseas nongovernmental organizations. Photo: Police Badge,P.R.China/http://www.mps.gov.cn Hong Kong-based China Labour Bulletin is one of the overseas NGOs covered by the law, and its positive view of that Chinese law contrasts with […]

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China Plans for Mainland Police in H.K. Rail Station Spark Controversy

Washington, D.C. A new high-speed rail line that will link mainland China and Hong Kong is drawing criticism over Beijing’s plans to place mainland Chinese police officers in the Hong Kong train station. People’s Armed Police. Photo: Wikipedia. The planned West Kowloon terminus for the railway linking Kowloon and Guangzhou is not scheduled to open until […]

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Concerns Grow Over Hong Kong Censorship

Hong Kong, P.R.C.  In Hong Kong, where last year’s pro-democracy protests ended in a stalemate with the Beijing-backed government, there are signs of increasing state censorship. Hong Kong Students Demand True, Fair, & Free Election in Hong Kong. 香港學生要求在港舉行公平自由的真普選.  CC BY-SA 2.0. A new report has found that Hong Kong police have requested more web […]

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Umbrella Revolution: Pro-Democracy Protests Continue in Hong Kong

A pro-democracy protester sleeps on a bed as hundreds block Nathan Road, the main north-south route of Kowloon peninsula, at Hong Kong’s Mongkok shopping district. Tweet

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In Hong Kong, Occupy Central Gains Momentum

Hong Kong.  Occupy Central with Love and Peace (OCLP), often abbreviated to Occupy Central, is an organization advocating the nonviolent occupation protest for universal suffrage in Central, Hong Kong that started on 27 September 2014.  It had previously been scheduled to start in the second half of 2014. In Hong Kong, Occupy Central Gains Momentum. Photo: Hong Kong Freelancers Network. The campaign was initiated by Benny […]

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Leopard Haiti Fund to Invest in Haiti’s Private Sector

New York, N.Y.  Good news for Haiti: Leopard Capital has announced the successful initial closing of Leopard Haiti Fund (LHF).  LHF is the world’s first private equity fund to operate and focus exclusively on Haiti since the 2010 earthquake.  The fund seeks to raise USD 40 to 75 million to invest in businesses in Haiti.  […]

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Asia Society’s President on Global Citizens Like Barack Obama

New York, N.Y.  “As Americans, we have the unfortunate idea that we should and need to learn more about the world, but it’s not a priority.   “We get to it when we can, which is seldom,” said Dr. Vishakha Desai, president of the Asia Society.  So began an interview with a brilliant woman who […]

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