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Special Dessert Made by Sou Chef Fifi for Americans

It is a special dessert made by our sou chef Fifi especially for our American visitors. Though she is only a poodle she puts a lot of love and effort into all her creations! © Jan Ivarsson 2015. Tweet

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Relationships: Looking For, Setting Our Own Boundaries

Of course I have boundaries, I just don’t know where I put them! (c) Jan Ivarsson Tweet

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Relationship Woes: Just Love Me For Who I Am

I think it’s very unfair that you keep judging me by what I say, do and think! Just love me for who I am. © Jan Ivarsson 2015. Tweet

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Cartoon: Let’s Give The Donald Some Credit…

Let’s give The Donald some credit for unifying the country! He is the one candidate that both the conservative right and the liberal left pray will be the next Republican nominee for the presidency! © Jan Ivarsson 2015. Tweet

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