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About Meditation: Learning Wonder of “Buddha’s Meditation” (1)

New York, N.Y. After my big injury last October, I decided to double my daily meditation time. I have noticed something as a result. At first, my meditation was about eliminating pain. When meditating, I usually concentrate my mind on various parts of the body. When I reach a painful place, I observe the pain prudently while imagining its size, […]

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Challenge: Creating Japanese Culture Exchange with East Germany (B)

New York, N.Y. After returning from East Germany, I went to negotiate with the Japanese government. I first asked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Minister said, “Absolutely not. We have neither diplomatic relations nor communications with East Germany and therefore we cannot do anything.” I said I was not willing to give up and would go back […]

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Beacon Theater’s ‘United Nations of Art’ Highlighting Culture

New York, N.Y. I came up with the concept of making a large international project at the Beacon Theater to be known as the “United Nation of Art,” a project to give people in the world an opportunity to showcase their cultures in New York City. I began to organize in the fall of 1979. By February 1980, I had organized […]

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Inviting an East German Orchestra from Leipzig to U.S. (A)

New York, N.Y. In 1968, when I became Impresario, I was staring at the world map on the wall. I thought I would like to go somewhere new. Where would be a country unknown to most that had a very high level of culture? I pinned a white arrow in East Germany, the country that had produced Bach, Brahms, […]

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Why I Began to Dislike the American New Year Celebration

New York, N.Y. This year, for the first time in fifty years, I stayed in New York for New Year’s Eve. I want to explain to my readers why I dislike the American New Year’s. In 1961, when I first came to America, it was a shiny, beautiful land of hope and opportunity. I remember for the first […]

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In NYC, Geneva Lantern Demonstrations to Save the Boat People

New York, N.Y. In early summer of 1979, as I walked along the North Shore of Long Island, I was thinking about the much-publicized refugees escaping by boat from various parts of Asia. I wondered, Why doesn’t anyone do anything about this calamity? When I looked out over the sea and horizon, I realized like the a flash of lightning, […]

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Memories of New Year’s Day in Japan, This Year’s New Years in NYC

New York, N.Y. The Tatsumura family in Kyoto has many very old traditions, especially for New Year’s Day. One I remember well was rice cakes baked a few days before New Year’s Eve. This was always so much fun! In Kyoto, it was a tradition to not only make square rice cakes, but round ones as well. These reflect our hope to […]

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A Look at the Balance Between the Natural and Human Worlds

New Challenge Looking at the Middle Path New York, N.Y. In October 2017 I was in injured and forced to rest for six months. Although it was serious, I will share with you one thing I discovered from the experience. This is the ‘Importance of the Middle Path.’ There are extremes in all things existing naturally in a balanced state. However, although […]

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