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Child grows lovingly and arbitrarily, “treasure” given from heaven

New York, N.Y. xxx Originally published as Vol. 40 in Weekly Biz, Month xx, 201_; translated by Jim Luce. About my family (2) Child grows lovingly and arbitrarily, “treasure” given from heaven The day has come for me to be a mother. My daughter was born. It was named after the old tradition that my grandfather named his first […]

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In NYC, Grace Kelly Opens The Beacon Theater After We Saved It

New York, N.Y.  I raised funds in a hurry, money gathered thanks to the many donations made by celebrities, I was able to welcome the opening event in a surprisingly short period of time after the false owner disappeared, but even now I remember. There were so many comical emergencies to laugh at. At that time I […]

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About My Family (Part 1)

New York, N.Y. I am “Lady (the second girl)”, the nickname is “KEKO” I treasure my family very much in Japan. I also think my family and my ancestors are very important. I think it is very important to know where I did I come from, how I i was raised and how to respect my […]

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Making a vision, doing with destruction to death

New York, N.Y. First job as a boxer. The very first job as a venue is also interesting …. I wonder why things will not go smoothly every time, it will hit a big wall and get over it, it will be the flow of it. Actually this was also the case. Phone from Bernstein In […]

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    New York, N.Y.  xxx  2/9/19 Vol. 59 New Year of this Year (1) (Second time) I felt the braveness of Japanese young people We hope that you read this article along with the 54th edition (for January 1st issue) that wrote about New Year’s Day in Japan I went to Japan this year’s New […]

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About Cuba for the First Time

New York, N.Y. At the beginning of September this year, the World Tournament of “The 2nd World Thermal Therapy” will be realized. Organized by the health minister of Cuba, doctors and scholars from more than 20 countries around the world will present on hyperthermia at the Havana Conference Center. I remember the first time I visited […]

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Why Do You Think that I can realize what I want to do

New York, N.Y. Thanks to appreciation and visualization that can be realized My life is strange and it will come true if there is something I want to do. Of course, I am trying hard but I have great help that seems not to follow just by trying hard or moving anyway hard, things have moved […]

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Prague Spring and the Velvet Revolution

New York, N.Y. Recent, C. became two countries.   It also led to stabilization of the Czech-Havel administration Velvet Revolution, Prague Spring Now it was divided into two countries, Czech Republic and Slovakia (1992), but before that there was a country called “Czechoslovakia”. I led the “Velvet Revolution” that occurred in this country in 1989 without […]

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