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Mexico’s Day of the Dead Reminds Me of Japan’s Bon Festival, Halloween

New York, N.Y. In August, almost all Japanese people have a Bon Festival. The souls of those who died earlier will be called back into the world. Families get together during the Obon holidays after everyone has returning to the ancestral village. There, the dead will talk to the family and even enjoy special meals with their families. A family prepares for […]

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Vol. 1

New York, N.Y. xxx Originally published as Vol. 1 in Weekly Biz, Month xx, 201_; translated by Jim Luce. Grandma flying the world. #1 9/16/17 Stories of Kazuko Tatsumura Hillyer…half life of Passion and Compassion #1 War, Piano, then Impresario: If we are going to speak about my life, I would like to start with the story of the […]

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Onnetsu: Medical Conferences from the Netherlands to Mexico

Amsterdam. This summer, I presented the keynote speech at the International Conference on Cancer Science & Stem Cell Research, held in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I was pleased my talk was well received. Here in Amsterdam, we had a very fruitful meeting with doctors who want to utilize my Onnetsu thermotherapy. My lectures are popular with many international academic societies. As a result, I am invited to […]

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    New York, N.Y.  xxx  2/9/19 Vol. 59 New Year of this Year (1) (Second time) I felt the braveness of Japanese young people We hope that you read this article along with the 54th edition (for January 1st issue) that wrote about New Year’s Day in Japan I went to Japan this year’s New […]

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Orphanage Support is My Lifetime Work and Legacy

My goal is to create nine great orphanages in the world, modeled after Manjushree with three C’s concept, “Courage, Communication, and Compassion.” I continue my struggle to accomplish this someday.  . The Story of Two Orphanages in Indonesia New York, N.Y. I went to Indonesia the other day. I have visited Bali four times. Two visits were to introduce the […]

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Memories of Old Yugoslavia, New Slovenia’s Capital Ljubljana

Memories of a Medical Conference in Slovenia Ljubljana, Slovenia. In September this year, I was invited as keynote speaker to a medical conference in the Republic of Slovenia. This country was previously called Yugoslavia, a place where six countries gathered together to form one country; at that time it felt like a small Soviet Union. At that time, the […]

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