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The Story of the Tibetan Manjushree Orphanage (Part2)

New York, N.Y. xxx Treatment of children’s pulmonary tuberculosis, new school building was born in Manjushree 2015! From that day I lived together with my children for two weeks, but I lived in jams close together in a narrow place, They are incredible.  They never fight, they will not shout.. Sharing every thing, all things, trying […]

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The Story of the Tibetan Manjushree Orphanage (A)

New York, N.Y. At the beginning of February 2009, I heard from HH the Dalai Lama about the Tibetan village named Tawang in the northeast of India. I also heard the story of the Manjushree orphanage there. My wish is to give school buildings and tuberculosis therapy to the children of Manjushree Tawang Village in Arunachal […]

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New York’s Metropolitan Opera Tours Japan (B)

New York, N.Y. As I wrote in my last column, ticket sales for the first overseas performances of New York’s renown Metropolitan Opera in Osaka and Nagoya were stagnant as we continued negotiating towards broadcasting the final Tokyo performance on live TV to generate enthusiasm.   Out of fourteen labor unions needed to approve my public relations “Hail Mary,” thirteen had given […]

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Metropolitan Opera in Japan (A)

New York, N.Y. Becoming an Impresario in 1967, I immediately began working on bringing Kabuki from Japan to America – the Grand Kabuki, which is the most important performing arts in Japan. After accomplishing this in 1969, I thought to bring the Metropolitan Opera (MET), America’s best arts group, to Japan. This would be rewarding and […]

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Definition of True Happiness, Learned from Mother Teresa

New York, N.Y. On the second day, I went to Mother’s orphanage. Hundreds of children ran and gathered around me, so they could be hugged. They just wanted ‘skin-ship,’ touching. I never held so many children in such a short time, I never carried a spoon to such small, tiny mouths that desperately opened like baby birds. Although I was […]

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Called by Mother Teresa, Serving Calcutta

New York, N.Y. I met Mother Teresa once in Harlem, a woman I respect deeply. I had long believed that I would visit Mother’s facility in India someday. Once, I took people from Japan and America to study with the Dalai Lama in India. At that time,  when meditating, I suddenly had a vision of Mother Teresa waving her hand at me. […]

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Master Goenka Travels from India to Teach Vipassana Mediation in U.S.

New York, N.Y. One year, Master Goenka planned to travel from India to America to teach Vipassana Yoga. He was to tour in an RV, teaching meditation to prisoners in major prisons all over the country. At that time, he needed a place for his family to stay a few days in New York. An old student came to me and asked […]

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About Meditation: Learning Wonder of “Buddha’s Meditation” (1)

New York, N.Y. After my big injury last October, I decided to double my daily meditation time. I have noticed something as a result. At first, my meditation was about eliminating pain. When meditating, I usually concentrate my mind on various parts of the body. When I reach a painful place, I observe the pain prudently while imagining its size, […]

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