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Stepping Back in Time: Becoming 12-Layered Princess of Heian Period

New York, N.Y. I had an interesting experience this New Year: I dressed up, wearing twelve layers of royal costume and transformed myself into a Heian-era princess! Where I went was a long-standing store called “Iyaka” in Fushimi, Kyoto, which is used to make costumes for shrines and our Imperial court. The costumes are woven from silk […]

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Reminisces of Being in Leningrad for the Collapse of the Soviet Union

New York, N.Y. I remember well being present in Leningrad — now St. Petersburg — the day the Soviet Union collapsed. It was 1991 and a major incident was about to occur while I was staying in Leningrad negotiating bringing its city opera to the U.S. That morning, when I got up as usual and went out, something was […]

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1965: My First Visit to Soviet Russia – Full of Lines and Surprises

New York, N.Y.  For the first time in 1965, I went to Russia to accompany my husband’s performance of 10 cities tour. At that time, the country was still called the Soviet Union, the strongest Communist country in the world. I thought about souvenirs to take there. There were no nylon socks or ballpoint pens, which […]

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A Japanese New Years and a 94-Year Old Female Priest

New York, N.Y.  This year I had an unusual New Year in Japan. I visited Tenkawa Shrine in Nara on January 5 when I returned to Japan for New Year’s Day, and I went to do the annual “Matsumochi Jiji.” There is a large pot in front of Goddess in the middle with boiling hot water […]

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New Year’s Eve in Japan: The Young Continue (Very) Old Traditions

New York, N.Y. We hope that you read this article along with the 54th edition (for January 1st issue) I wrote about New Year’s Day in Japan when I went to Japan this year’s New Year. Last year I seriously injured myself by falling down from a great the height and thus could not get to Japan. […]

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From Poland, Where Jews Died, Henryk Tomashevski’s Great Mime Group

New York, N.Y. An amazing art group comes from Poland, a nation with a dark past, a tragic country for Jews. I have visited many countries and brought numerous cultural groups all across Eastern Europe. We started back in the day in East Germany and I then went to all the Communist countries. There were various groups worthy of […]

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Tibetan Monk Gatzo: No Matter How Hard, People Can Endure

New York, N.Y. Do you know a Tibetan monk named Palden Gyatso? He was arrested by the Chinese government for being “a crime” as he had a picture of Dalai Lama when he was 28 years old, and then he was imprisoned while being tortured for 31 years. The state of torture at that time was […]

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What I Want In 2019: Compassion, Communication, Courage

New York, N.Y. Now that we have a new year, I would like to talk about one of my two “dream” and “goal”, goals that I have long wanted to do. That is, I would like to create as many as three new orphanages this year based on the “Three C’s” beliefs. The three C’s are […]

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