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Three Communications Basics that Build Confidence

New York, N.Y. Communication is ingrained in every facet of life, yet many struggle with fear, insecurity and general ineffectiveness when they find themselves eye to eye with someone to present ideas, address complicated situations, express feelings, negotiate or just “sell them self”—all whether in a personal or professional context. According to Megan Rokosh, a […]

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Aid Organization Oxfam Criticizes U.K. Media Portrayal of Africa

London, U.K.  Oxfam, an international organization intending to eliminate poverty, has criticized the way in which Africa is depicted to United Kingdom (UK) audiences. In a press release, the charity said the continent was being portrayed in an “overwhelmingly negative” way which is “undermining popular support for efforts to bring an end to hunger on the continent”. Dame Barbara Stocking, […]

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RIP Helen Thomas, White House Wiz Done in by Politics

Washington, D.C.  Former White House correspondent Helen Thomas, who covered American presidents for nearly 50 years, has died at the age of 92.  Friends and colleagues say she died early Saturday at her home in Washington. Thomas was a pioneer for women in journalism at a time when men dominated the profession. She covered every […]

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Photo of the Day: Barack Obama Briefs the Junior Press

Washington, D.C.  Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, briefs the junior press in the White House.  The J. Luce Foundation supports young global leadership.  Photo courtesy of the White House. The Stewardship Report welcome your submissions for Photo of the Day!  Please e-mail us at  photo@stewardshipreport.com or tweet us @TheStewardship your suggestions. We look […]

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Felice Friedson & The Media Line Bring Balance to Issues in the Mideast

New York, N.Y.  When Felice Friedson brought Palestinian journalists to Israel’s parliament for the first time, the powerful chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee called it “unprecedented” and “courageous.” When Felice chartered buses to bring Palestinian journalists to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem; and buses to bring Israeli journalists from Tel Aviv and […]

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Jim Luce on Media

Jim Luce wrote and edited newspapers from elementary school and high school through college.   He has written for the BBC and the New York Times, and publishes regularly in The Huffington Post and The Daily Kos. Rare Disease Patients Fighting Isolation Through Social Media  Traveling as Press vs. NGO Head: Same Adventure Felice Friedson and The Media […]

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Column: Thought Leaders & Global Citizens with Jim Luce

Jim Luce has written on a wide breadth of issues in Huffington Post, New York Times, Daily Kos and BBC.  His stories are categorized below: Afghanistan Africa Animal Rescue Art Brooklyn Cambodia & Cambodian-Americans Children China Connectivity Corporate America & CSR Education Extremism Film France & French-Americans Gay & Lesbian Issues Germany Greece & Greek-Americans Haiti […]

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WonderWorks Syracuse to Reopen Select Activities on August 7, 2020

Army Sergeant Seeks Help to Bring Two Rescue Dogs Back to America

Alcatraz East Crime Museum Highlights 100th Anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage Amendment

Doctor Offers Advice on Boosting Immune System to Help Beat COVID-19

Problem Solving Summer Solutions

Guests Weigh in On Binge-Worthy Crime Shows at New “What’s Your Crime?” Alcatraz East Crime Museum Exhibit