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Book Speaks to Man’s Successful Mission to Help Humanity

Washington, DC. Although our lives have turned out different, I learned in my friend Charles “Chic” Dambach’s exciting new book, Exhaust the Limits, that we have much in our personal and professional lives in common. I first met Chic through Paul Stevers, the Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist who funds orphans, peacebuilding, and counter strategies to […]

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Peace Through Moderation to Intro Counter-Extremism

Alleged “Times Square bomber,” Faisal Shahzad, looks like a normal guy. That’s the point. The event is the third in a spring series by the D.C.-based group Alliance for Peacebuilding which is introducing their Peace through Moderation project. “Every society seeks to live in peace and security,” says Paul Stevers, the thought leader behind the […]

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