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Voice of the Diaspora: India

By Reema Rasool (?) Overseas Indian Elite Elect Their Best at Waldorf-Astoria Indians Around World Vote on Top Non-Residents   Tweet

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Voice of the Diaspora: Haiti

Evens Anozine, Editor Haitian Diaspora Changemaker Nomination Process Opens for U.S. One of Many: Diaspora Doctor Continues to Help Haiti International Crowd Gathers for “Uni Haiti” at Upper East Side Gala Tweet

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Franketienne: Haiti’s First Nobel Laureate – Hopefully

New York, N.Y.  As a cultural area studies graduate, seldom do I feel over my head culturally. Standing in the home of possibly the next Nobel Prize recipient for Literature in Port-au-Prince recently, I found myself way out of my league. One ambassador had cautioned me to “have an intellectual translate” for me. Luckily, when […]

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