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My Experience: Why I Will Be A Torchbearer To Future Generations

By Sarah Cohen Kassin, 2019 Luce 24 Under 24 Award Recipient Brooklyn, N.Y.  I am petrified. Not for you, not for me, but for future generations. I fear the day when there will be no more Holocaust survivors, no more witnesses to the tragedy. People will begin to take advantage of these deaths and deny […]

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After CIA Torture Revelations, U.S. Must Recover Moral High Ground – U.N. Expert

Editor’s Note: I am pleased to have presented an Award of Acknowledgement to H.E. Juan E. Méndez on January 9, 2010 at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago as part of the World Peace Gala for Friendship and Peace.  The Award read, “We are proud to acknowledge you for your distinguished work and dedicated serve as the Special […]

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President Obama Responds to U.S. Senate Torture Report

Read the President’s full statement below: Throughout our history, the United States of America has done more than any other nation to stand up for freedom, democracy, and the inherent dignity and human rights of people around the world. As Americans, we owe a profound debt of gratitude to our fellow citizens who serve to […]

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U.S. Releases Report on CIA Interrogation Methods

Washington, D.C.  The United States has released a long-awaited report detailing how the Central Intelligence Agency employed extreme interrogation methods on suspected terrorists following the September 11, 2001, attacks. The Senate Intelligence Committee disclosed a lengthy summary Tuesday of the CIA’s interrogation techniques, including confinement in small places, sleep deprivation, and waterboarding, which simulates drowning. […]

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U.N. Human Rights Expert Urges U.S. to Limit Solitary Confinement

New York, N.Y., Nearly one year ago Amnesty International (USA) declared that the solitary confinement of more than 3,000 California inmates in two prisons is tantamount to “cruel, degrading and inhuman” conditions that violate international standards. The human rights organization called on authorities to scale back use of solitary confinement. On Aug. 23, the U.N. […]

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Which Publisher in the U.S. will Discover Brilliant Haitian Writer Franketienne?

Brooklyn, NY.  Having only recently discovered Franketienne – in the way that Columbus “discovered” America — I feel like a Johnny Come Lately to the cultural feast.  This brilliant Haitian author and artist is hopefully about to win the Nobel Prize in Literature.  I missed him because this incredible feast has only been served in Creole and French. […]

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