The J. Luce Foundation Labor@tory – Executive Summary

History.  The Labor@tory of The James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation Inc., in cooperation with Stonehenge Reality Sharing & Caring Program, was launched in NYC in September 2012.  Two dozen organizations previously ‘spotlit’ by the Foundation’s Stewardship Report on Connecting Goodness were chosen to participate.  These vetted NGOs, representing a wide range of efforts to better humanity, met together to begin the journey.  The Labor@tory has access to the Foundation’s 24k social media base growing 15% monthly, its 10k e-mail list, and its 150+ Global Advisers.

Concept.  The J. Luce Foundation is uniquely charted by New York State through DLA Piper to not only give financial awards (micro-grants), but also to promote non-profit efforts at bettering humanity (“spotlighting”).  Providing a three-way structure for the non-profits it chooses to interact with each other, Stonehenge and its 6,000 tenants, and the foundations’ ‘spotlighting’ efforts, the Labor@tory allows its social media team to meet once a month with the NGO’s team to then push out the NGO’s message.  ‘Push in to push out.’

Participants in The Labor@tory include Alphabet Kids , Americas Society, Arts Students League of New York, Asia Society, Cordoba Initiative, David Lynch Foundation, Fountain House, God’s Love We Deliver, Haitian Cultural Foundation, ICAMI Global Stress Initiative, Indo-American Arts Council, International University Center Haiti, Neighborhood Housing Services of N.Y.C., Orphaned Starfish Foundation, Orphans International Worldwide, Osborne Association, Ramapo College, Roosevelt Island Visual Art Association, Rubin Museum of Art, United Nations University, Year Up, and the Young Concert Artists.


Purpose.  The Labor@tory assists New York City-based non-profits in fine-tuning their brands, publicizing their events through the Stewardship Report’s Social Calendar and social media, writing, photographing and soon video-taping their efforts to push out to a broad audience.  Non-profit organizations are chosen for the Labor@tory as a gift from the foundation and cannot apply for inclusion.  Participation is limited to a maximum of 24 organizations in 2012.


Other Support.  The J. Luce Foundation also supports organizations located outside of New York, including The American University of Afghanistan in Kabul, the Université de Notre Dame in Port-au-Prince, and the Global Press Institute in San Francisco.  The Foundation has historically supported organizations in Afghanistan, Burundi, China, Haiti, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka.

Themes.  Top-ten themes cover by the Foundation and its Stewardship Report are art, children, connectivity, education, health, international development, music, New York City, peace/conflict resolution, the U.N., and women & girls.  In addition, the foundation has a“$100k+ P.R./Social Media Package” it may grant to qualifying organizations.

More.  Many stories written in connection with the J. Luce Foundation are published first in The Huffington Post and The Daily Kos.  The J. Luce Foundation is chartered and incorporated in the State of New York.  The Stewardship Report and The Labor@tory are two of its projects.  Another is The International University Center Haiti (“Uni Haiti“).

Photographs are from the Labor@tory Orientation held in September 2012 at the Stonehenge Olivia, New York City.

The Editors
The Stewardship Report on Connecting Goodness is the communications platform of The James Jay Dudley Luce Foundation ( There are now more than 100 contributors around the world to this publication.

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