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New York, N.Y. The J. Luce Foundation is a platform that supports nonprofit organizations involved in the Arts, Education, and Orphan Care. Under the foundation, the Young Global Leadership Initiative was created to provide ongoing opportunities for select professionals to mentor the next generation of philanthropists in Ethics, Communications, and Nonprofit Administration. The program empowers Young Global Leaders wishing to better humanity to think, write, speak, organize, and utilize social media more effectively.We are always looking for qualified professionals to contribute as well as to support and/or mentor our Young Global Leaders.


Founder Jim Luce with some of the fall Young Global Leaders on their first day.

This fall, the Young Global Leadership Initiative has 12 new Young Global Leaders, all from different backgrounds and academic studies. Our diverse group consists of people from Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Burma, Uganda, Italy, and the United States. Subjects these students are studying include business administration, marketing, finance, criminal justice, and computer science. The opportunity to work with such a diverse team adds value to our program. It creates exposure to new experiences and cultures, and allows the members to work with people very different from themselves.

The program is being offered Monday-Friday, in two shifts: 10am-1pm, and 2-5pm. We provide many different lunch programs to enhance the Young Global Leaders’ learning. These programs happen daily from 1-2:15pm and include Toastmasters/Speech & Communications, Lions Club, Stewardship Report, Social Media, and Arts & Education. During each program, the Young Global Leaders are taught a wide variety of skills, including how to properly write an article, how to effectively manage finances, how to promote events, how to manage databases, and much more.

Here are more details about the lunch programs:

Toastmasters/Speech & Communications

Every Friday, the group has a Toastmasters meeting to work on perfecting their public speaking ability. The goals of the Toastmasters Club are to make each participant feel comfortable speaking in front of crowds, to help them speak clearly, and to teach them good speech techniques. These techniques include how to organize your speech, the proper hand gestures to use, and speaking without using filler words. This group is often led by RedLeaf professional Stacee Mandeville, who provides meaningful feedback on the speeches. We also work with Lam Nguyen, our speech and communications coach, to improve our pronunciation and dictation. The Toastmasters program was very successful during our summer program, and the new Young Global Leaders are showing great progress.


The Young Global Leaders during the Toastmasters meeting.
Lam Nguyen provides feedback and tips.

Lions Club

As a part of the Young Global Leadership Initiative, each Young Global Leader is made a member of the New York Global Leaders Lions Club. We hold a meeting every Tuesday from 1-2:215pm. During these meetings, we discuss the service projects and upcoming events of the Lions Club and how our club can get involved.


The Young Global Leaders during their first Lions Club meeting,
with the New York Global Leaders Lions Club president Jim Luce.

The Stewardship Report

Each Young Global Leader is responsible for contributing to The Stewardship Report. A large organization like the J. Luce Foundation has a large array of global advisors and NGO leaders involved. To highlight the actions of these contributors, each Young Global Leader has been given the task of choosing global advisors and NGO leaders to research, interview, and write a profile on. In addition to this, the Young Global Leaders will write articles on events the foundation takes part in, as well as share articles on important events from around the world that spread a positive message. Writing the articles teaches good writing practices and helps to improve the vocabulary, spelling, and grammar of the Young Global Leaders.


The Young Global Leaders with David Stone. David provides advice on
how to properly write articles.

Social Media

The J. Luce Foundation has many social media pages and accounts, most of which are constantly updated. During the social media lunch program, the Young Global Leaders learn how to use, manage, and promote through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They also learn how to use the marketing tool Hootsuite. Each day, one Young Global Leader will post about the activities of the program to the Young Global Leadership Initiative Facebook page. They will talk about the work we did that day, highlight any guests that have presented, and include pictures. The Young Global Leaders will also promote events for the foundation prior to the start of the event (through advertising, emails, and social media) and during the actual events (through social media updates). For the pages that focus on a specific country or issue, the Young Global Leaders will promote events or activities related to that page’s field.

Check out the Young Global Leadership Initiative Facebook page.


The Young Global Leaders using Social Media and
The Stewardship Report to share positive news.

Arts & Education

During this program, the Young Global Leaders are taught a wide variety of skills. They have worked on accountancy related tasks, like banking, filing, and bookkeeping. Through this, the team has gotten to observe how a nonprofit organizes and reports its funds. They have also learned ho to use Nimble, the foundation’s online database, and can effectively manage the foundation’s connections. This program has also invited speakers to provide life advice, business tips, and other guidance. We have contributors from around the world and can learn many interesting things from their experiences.


Susheel Kurien gives advice to the Young Global Leaders.

In addition to the lunch programs, the Young Global Leaders help plan, promote and manage events for the J. Luce Foundation. They are involved in the entire process, from the early stages of planning until the end of the event. This teaches them useful skills such as effective time management, marketing and promotion, problem solving, and conflict resolution when things don’t go as planned. In addition to these events, the Young Global Leaders often volunteer at other events that the foundation supports. All of the events provide opportunities for members of the program to practice networking and feel more comfortable talking to others. This is especially helpful to those who are shy or whose native language isn’t English, since it provides an opportunity to practice. The events provide great opportunities to learn about different cultures or issues, and help shape the program members into the future leaders they will become.


The Young Global Leaders with founder Jim Luce at
the Indo-American Arts Council’s Literary Festival.

This fall program started shortly after the end of the summer one. I was a part of the summer Young Global Leadership program, and learned a lot during it. I enjoyed the responsibilities I was given and the satisfaction of completing tasks. The always interesting events and challenges that needed to be overcome provided great opportunities to test my skills and grow as a professional. I appreciate the chance to meet so many interesting people who can provide great advice. While the summer program is over, the members have all grown from their time with the J. Luce Foundation. Now Senior Young Global Leaders, many of them frequently visit the foundation to assist Jim and to help the new Young Global Leaders.


The summer Young Global Leaders graduating from the program.

The summer program was very successful, and the current fall program is off to a great start. The Young Global Leadership Initiative embodies the J. Luce Foundation’s mission by helping these students grow and shine as leaders.  As the foundation continues to grow, we are always looking for new global advisors and mentors to teach and guide the Young Global Leaders. We hope to continue providing this great experience to individuals who want to learn and become future leaders.

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