Hellenic Education Continues Thanks to The Orpheus Luxury Collection

New York, N.Y.  In synchrony with their philosophy of “indulging in the finer things in life for a deep appreciation of humanity and nature,” The Orpheus Luxury Collection proudly hosted a fundraiser to benefit the Hellenic Education & Language Program (H.E.L.P.) recently in Astoria, Queens as part of its Philanthropy Through Travel Initiative

PHOTO NO. 1121The children and the mothers of H.E.L.P. dancing in unison.
Photo: Orpheus Luxury Collection.

IMG_1103Georgia Nomikos, owner of The Orpheus Luxury Collection, speaking on the
importance of Hellenic language and ideals. Photo: Orpheus Luxury Collection.

The Hellenic Education and Language Program is a not-for-profit, community-based initiative of the Hellenic diaspora of America and its purpose is to sustain the Hellenic heritage, culture, and language. The goal of the event was to raise necessary funds  to ensure the survival of such a program that provides opportunities to existing and future students being educated as the Hellenes — the humanists — of tomorrow.

IMG_1108The young Goddesses performing their dance. Photo: Orpheus Luxury Collection.

An invaluable cause very dear to Georgia Nomiko is reflected in her personal belief in preserving the Hellenic language and ideals, as well as the identity and knowledge, for generations to come. As Georgia has repeatedly stated “It is these ideals that we have an obligation to pass down to future generations, for the betterment of our Humanity today – and the future.”

PHOTO NO. 1120The beauty of Hellas was reflected in the faces of the Orpheus Luxury team.
Photo: Orpheus Luxury Collection.

The event aptly themed, “Eros in Muse,” highlighted the beauty and dynamic force of Eros with unforgettable and thoroughly entertaining performances of music, theater, poetry, dance, and art.

IMG_1104-1Soprano Eleni Calenos singing Tosca. Photo: Orpheus Luxury Collection.

IMG_1111The author spoke on the need to spark H.E.L.P. with Georgia Nomikos.
Photo: Orpheus Luxury Collection.

The program opened with the dynamic soprano, Eleni Calenos, who impeccably performed Vissi d’arte from Puccini’s Tosca and song to the moon. Praised by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and The New Yorker for her outstanding and memorable performances, Eleni was truly inspirational, winning the hearts of the audience.

IMG_1107Surrounded by Sophia Kokoras and Angelika Sandora, Georgia Nomikos
was triumphant. Photo: Orpheus Luxury Collection.

Ancient Hellenic theatrical performances ensued, carrying the guests to a distant past love for culture and learning. Angelika Sandora and Sophia Kokonas showcased their talents as well. These young Hellene actors held us spellbound to the Ancient Hellenic erotic atmosphere.

Their repertoire of the famous classic Hellenic tragedies of Sophocles’ Antigone and Euripides’ Hippolytus rendered, in both classic Greek and English, came to hypnotizing end with the monologue of Phaedra and her love for Hippolytus.

IMG_1109Many of the J. Luce Foundation team attended and supported the event.
Photo: Orpheus Luxury Collection.

The second part of the program opened with enthralling performances by Anna Tsoukala, a multi-talented actor from the National Theater of Greece, accompanied on piano by Gregory Post, composer, soloist, and graduate from Julliard and the Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music.

PHOTO NO. 1122Chryssi Kasimis along with Y.S.E.E. and H.E.L.P. leaders and founders
Kostas Kamberis, Georgia Nomikos, Nikos Petratos, Theodore Kalavesios,
and Dino Malliaros. Photo: Orpheus Luxury Collection.

IMG_1102-1Dr. Kazuko Hillyer Tatsumura, Grigoria Kamaterou, the author, and the director
of Sales and marketing for the Orpheus Luxury Collection, Eleni Tsagianni
Photo: Orpheus Luxury Collection.

Dignitaries included Ambassador George Iliopoulos, Consul General of the Hellenic Republic in New York, and Grigoria Kamaterou, Director of USA and Canada of The Greek National Tourist Organization as well as many prominent New Yorkers including Dr. Kazuko Hillyer Tatsumura and Dr. Danielle Duret, M.D.

IMG_1099Grigoria Kamaterou with H.E.L.P. Board Member Nicos Petratos,
PTO President Effie Skordilis, Georgia Nomikos, Amb. George Iliopoulos,
H.E.L.P. Board members Eva Halkias and Chris Orfanakos, and
PTO Vice President Marina Loizos. Photo: Orpheus Luxury Collection.

This is not the first time Orpheus Luxury Collection has organized and showcased such worthwhile causes.  From their Aesthetics in Motion event (2013) to their Philanthropy through Travel Initiative (2015) and the Hellenic Fund of our foundation (2015), Georgia Nomikos continuously raises awareness with the greatest passion for such philanthropic endeavors.

IMG_1100Renowned hairstylist to the stars, Patrice Bisiot, Georgia Nomikos, the author,
and foundation director Tony Abdelghany. Photo: Orpheus Luxury Collection.

Our foundation greatly esteems and supports causes in tandem with our mission of supporting Young Global leadership.  We recently appointed Georgia Nomikos to our Board of Directors in recognition of her support of so many philanthropic events. Her enormous energy and benevolence to improve the lives of children worldwide, no matter their ethnicity, is extremely admirable.

PHOTO 1125Leaders and supporters of the Hellenic community pose with
Georgia Nomikos (center). Photo: Orpheus Luxury Collection.

IMG_1098“And a good time was had by all!” Photo: Orpheus Luxury Collection.
Photo: Orpheus Luxury Collection.

A magnificent reception, exceptional Hellenic gastronomic delights, wines and spirits, Greek music and dancing ensued.

There existed the possibility of the Hellenic Education & Language Program (H.E.L.P.) closing its doors to the youth who call that place within their soul “Hellas.” Thanks to the efforts of Georgia Nomikos and her Orpheus Luxury Collection, H.E.L.P. will continue to shine a light in the hearts of its students in Astoria for another year. Georgia Nomikos is a true thought leader and global citizen and her Herculean efforts are to be applauded.

With Mia Lazarus. Originally published in The Huffington Post, September 27, 2016.

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