The Papa CJ Happiness Project

N ew York, N.Y. “A day without laughter is a day wasted” – Charlie Chaplin.

It is now widely acknowledged that one of the most vital factors in recovery from cancer is a positive frame of mind, a sense of hope. The Papa CJ Happiness Project is thrilled to announce an association with The HOPE Oncology Care Clinic. On Sunday 29th October, Papa CJ will perform for patients at the clinic along with attending families, doctors and staff. Henceforth The Papa CJ Happiness Project will programme performances on the last Sunday of every month at the clinic in Delhi. If you are a performer who would like to participate in this initiative, kindly email Please note that there will be no fee for this, as all performances are being done on a pro bono basis.
The HOPE Oncology Care Clinic
The HOPE Oncology Care Clinic is a state-of- the-art oncology clinic established with a view to provide quality cancer care and treatment to patients in India. H.O.P.E. or “Holistic Oncology. Patient Empathy.” is a start-up founded on three principal beliefs – (a) serving as a one-stop solution for majority of the needs of a cancer patient, especially from the chemotherapy perspective, (b) combating “cancerism” or the stigma attached to cancer that it could be terminal, and (c) “cankind” or providing a more human and happy interface, enabling patients to live a more normal life while they are undergoing treatment.
The Papa CJ Happiness Project
The Papa CJ Happiness Project is a global initiative by Papa CJ to spread happiness across the globe. The Project kicked off earlier this year with “The Papa CJ Happiness Project Tour” that travelled to different parts of the country where he hosted fundraising shows for charitable causes. At these shows Papa CJ and invited artists entertained the guests and raised a top line revenue of over 40 Lacs for the 10 charities associated.
The second step of this initiative involves laughter yoga and stand-up comedy performances at hospitals or medical centres for patients, their guests, doctors and nurses. The third step manifests itself in motivational speaking events for the youth to help them channelise their thoughts and equip or inspire them to attain their life goals. Outside of the Happiness Project Papa CJ also works as an Executive Coach and creates customised training for corporate organisations.WhatsApp Image 2017-10-23 at 3.12.48 PM

Isaac Bayoh
Originally from Sierra Leone, Isaac Bayoh studied International Marketing & Corporate Management Technology at Eastern University. He is the Permanent Youth Representative of Sierra Leone to the UN in the area of Economic and Social Affairs. Isaac founded a non-profit called GirlOptimization to provide academic stationaries and sanitary needs for young women and girls in Sierra Leone.

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