The Philanthropic Initiative Launches Center for Global Philanthropy

Ellen Remmer (center) helped launch the first ever Women’s Fund for Ireland in Dublin.

To improve the understanding of global philanthropy, WINGS (Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support) has engaged TPI to undertake an examination of institutional philanthropy which will include global and regional trends as well as profiles of organized philanthropy in over 25 countries.

In the center’s efforts to create a vibrant community of global philanthropists, Johnson has recently led strategic philanthropy events in China and Hong Kong while TPI’s CEO, Ellen Remmer, toured Ireland under a U.S. State Department grant to encourage broader philanthropic participation and innovative execution. Remmer said, “From China to Chile, shifts in culture and wealth are creating opportunities make philanthropy a more powerful driver of economic development and social and environmental change.”

The center builds off of TPI’s two decades of philanthropy-building efforts in the U.S. as well as consulting to corporations, families and foundations. TPI is currently establishing giving and employee engagement programs for multinational corporations headquartered in America and Europe and are helping families across America, Europe, Asia and South America increase their impact. In the U.S. TPI is also partnering with a coalition of community foundations to equip their advisors to work with donors who seek to give overseas.

“There is tremendous untapped potential in global philanthropy,” said Johnson, “TPI’s pioneering work in philanthropy positions them perfectly to lead this effort to develop knowledge, engage broader audiences and facilitate more strategic giving.”

The Philanthropic Initiative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit ally and consultant to ambitious donors willing to embrace creative thinking in their pursuit of deep social impact. Hired by corporations, families and foundations to create and implement custom philanthropy programs, TPI has invested itself in the promotion of strategic philanthropy around the world since 1989.

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