The Pleasurists: An East Hampton Art Show Benefit

East Hampton, N.Y.  Prominent artist William Quigley and multi-media artist, musician and DJ Ben Moon join artistic forces for a special show titled “The Pleasurists.”

The exclusive art show will take place on Friday, July 12 from 8:00 PM-12:00 AM William Quigley’s studio, 62 Newtown Lane in East Hampton and will feature original paintings by both artists, including portraits of Graydon Carter, Donald Trump, Ethan Hawke, Andy Dick and Chinese civil rights activist Chen Guangcheng with proceeds of sales to benefit Guild Hall, Center for the Visual and Performing Arts in East Hampton, and a performance of ROKLYFE, the environmental, musical, interactive art piece by Ben Moon.


Celebrated for his Abstract “Notes” Paintings, Boxer and Civil War series, Quigley is also well-known for portraits of high profile clientele and celebrities. Versatile, yet distinctive, works by Quigley include portraits of U.S. Presidents, Muhammad Ali, Audrey Hepburn, Bobby Darin, Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan, Eminem, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Johnny Cash among others.

Additional paintings such as his India series and abstract Phone Notes make his work as creative as it is diverse. Quigley’s work will be represented by Mark Borghi, of Borghi Fine Art, who also is showing in Art Hamptons.

Ben Moon, a diverse artist devoted to his first passion, traditional painting, also interweaves art with music and technology.  Original music from Moon’s debut EP Rhythm Method features prominently in his latest project, ROKLYFE, which marks the full realization of his longstanding exploration of the ways in which sonic and visual elements can be combined to create a hyper-real emotional effect.

The result is an environmental art piece featuring projected visuals, interactive social media, and a virtual symphony of live and prerecorded music, offering viewers a fully immersive glimpse inside the world of Ben Moon. Its subject matter touches on nearly everything from culture and fashion, to politics, the “nature of celebrity”, as well as the ways in which technology is blurring the lines between traditional notions of “fantasy vs. reality.”  Ben Moon’s original paintings and ROKLYFE will both be featured during “The Pleasurists” art show.

Sponsors of “The Pleasurists” include ArtScape at the Bradford Mill, Hamptons Magazine, Russian Standard Vodka, Smokin’ Wolf BBQ, Zico Coconut Water, Organic Avenue and Pop Chips.




William Quigley (born April 29, 1961 in Pennsylvania) is a working artist in New York and Los Angeles. He had his first exhibition with Andy Warhol in 1985 at Henry McNeil Gallery in Philadelphia. Since he has shown in Museums, galleries and Art Fairs internationally such as; Philadelphia Museum of Art, Charles Craigg Museum Santa Barbara,  Scope Miami, Art Basel, Chicago, Arco, Manny Silverman, Arne Zimmermann’s Pablos Birthday NY, Ferran Cano in Spain, 71 Mercer.

One of the first American painters to show at the Miro Foundation in Mallorca through Galeria Ferran Cano. In 1994 he founded and owned the infamous, AB Gallery, directed by Dan Bernier, who exhibited  fledgling talents like Marc Chiat, Manuel Ocampo, Steve Hurd, Rachel Khedorri, Jason Rhoades, George Stoll, Russell Crotty, Martin Kersels and Kevin Sullivan.

His work is collected all over the world and the Street aesthetic through his new t-shirt line Skrapper, is one of the most influential companies among a new younger generation of artists.  Skrapper grew out of his relationship and collaborations with  musician Pete Francis, the band Dispatch  and piano legend Paul Tillotson  from 1999-2008.  In 2005 helped organize” Boarding for Breast Cancer” with Skater Jeff Gaites which has continued to raise millions each year for Breast Cancer.

He has painted commissioned portraits of, and in many cases for, President Bush and Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jordan, Shaquille Oneal, LeBron James, Wayne Gretzky, Eminem, Muhammed Ali, Bruce Springsteen, Ice Cube, Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson. In 2006 his work was featured on Life Styles of the Rich and Famous.

Because of his dedication to children and charities in 2007 was selected as VH1 featured artist of the year along with honorees President William and Senator Hillary Clinton, John Mayer, Roger Waters, and John Sykes.

View more of William Quigley’s work:



As an avid musician and fine arts major at Tulane University, Ben Moon immersed himself in the diverse artistic culture of New Orleans participating in numerous art shows and performing regularly around town. Even at this early stage he became fascinated by the ways in which his love of creating both sonic and visual elements could be combined to create a heightened emotional effect.

After graduating and returning to New York, Moon’s work has been featured in a string of successful exhibitions throughout the world, including New York, London, New Orleans, Beijing, as well as several appearances at Miami’s ART BASEL. Moon’s latest project ROKLYFE marks the full realization of his longstanding fascination with the integration of sonic and visual elements, resulting in a fully immersive environmental art piece where the viewer feels as though they’ve literally stepped inside one of his frenetic paintings.

Inspired by Andy Warhol’s Factory Parties and the “ART HAPPENINGS” of the late 1960′s, Moon uses a combination of projected visuals, interactive social media, as well as live, and prerecorded music to create a nexus where art and life come together into a radical new experience, “the world of Ben Moon”. Ben Moon’s debut EP, Rhythm Method, will be released on July 9 by Big Management on iTunes, Soundcloud, Juno and Beatport.



Founded 80 years ago, Guild Hall is the Hampton’s year-round visual and performing arts center wholly dedicated to serving the residents, members, families, and artists of the East End. The center offers the community, as well as visitors and tourists, enriching experiences by presenting relevant and meaningful programs and events, working in collaboration with artists, and providing a meeting place for the community.

For more information and to become a Guild Hall member, visit  Call 631.324.0806 for more information.



Borghi Fine Art, is one of the leading galleries in the international Art World. Opened in February of 07, is run by three siblings Laura, Michael and Marina. Combined they possess over 60 years of experience in the area of fine art dealing. The Gallery’s main focus is on American paintings from 1900 to the present. In its short history Borghi Fine Art has already had 25 exhibitions of note with the most important being “Stuart Davis and his Contemporaries.”

The Gallery intends to continue its robust exhibition schedule in the future and plans to become the major venue for exhibitions of important American paintings in New Jersey. The Gallery is well versed in all aspects of collection management including acquisitions, framing, cleaning, installation, and appraisal.

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