Ushering in a New Age of Digital Marketing and Advertising

N ew York, N.Y. Entering the world of marketing in the 21st century can be intimidating for the vast majority of advertisers because of the what we refer to as the “digital revolution.” Now what is the digital revolution exactly? If we broke it down to the very core, we can identify it as a movement where technology reigns as more and more people are adopting a digitized lifestyle. Within a decade of being publicly available, the internet has gathered over a billion users. Social media platforms took advantage of the web and are growing their audiences at an exponential rate, never before seen or heard of. It is said that social media is the fastest growing trend in the history of the world with Facebook itself having more active users than China has people.

With the social media phenomenon in play, marketers of this time and era would be ridiculous not to provide their respective brands and companies with a social media marketing campaign. The time for newspaper ads and television commercials is over and if you want your product or service to reach the potential it ultimately can, you should take advantage and leverage social media accounts for your business.



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Amazon, Uber, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Tesla — Some of the most lucrative companies in the world are utilizing digital tools to grow their companies. They are the “sharks in the ocean.” Some of these tools include hootsuite and buzzsumo.

Hootsuite – a digital tool that enables you to save and schedule a post for a social media page. This tool is amazing allowing you to schedule numerous posts for numerous social sites simultaneously ahead of time.

Buzzsumo – a tool that will measure your shares and impact of content on any given site.

Living in the digital era, we are provided with efficient ways to reach millions of people in an instant. Content marketer Neil Patel offers insight on how to market your content online, generate traffic to your website, and much more. So if you have a fear of getting started, the Neil Patel blog is a great place to get started (Neil Patel Blog). You will receive a brief introduction on understanding how different social platforms work and how their user engagement can impact you and your business model. After taking a dive into the world of social media and how they will influence your business, you also need to take time and develop the very best content to provide to your viewers. What good is a fishing rod without any bait? Without great content all of this leverage would be useless. Without great context all of your content would be useless. In the words of Gary Vaynerchuk: If content is king, context is god. Take twitter for instance, if you have a clever idea for a post with some intriguing hashtags, if is much better to employ it as a tweet then have it incorporated in a 3,000 word blog where your clever ideas will likely go unseen. Understanding where to post what is the next step after conceiving terrific content. To get the most out of your social marketing experiences, you will need to have some discipline and experiment with different strategies and platforms as all good things take time. If you are concerned about not having enough platforms to utilize, think again. The info graphic below proves an abundance of social platforms that can be utilized today!


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According to Charles Darwin, it doesn’t matter if you are the strongest or fastest, the species that survive the longest are the ones that are most capable of adapting to a new world. It would be a shame if your business was left behind in the old world. The clever ones are adapting to changes quickly and allowing their content to be seen by eyes all over the world instantaneously.

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