Victor de Souza and American Pharaoh are Both Winners

New York, N.Y.  Daniela Zahradnikova, co-creator of Space Sixteen couldn’t help but glow with delight as she watched her vision for the newly opened store, Space Sixteen, located at 311 West Broadway in New York City’s trendy Soho district come to fruition once again. It was a pleasure for me to co-host this event for Victor De Souza’s new Couture Hat Collection launch with Daniela.

123456789SM058_The_Launch_oVictor de Souza and Chiu-ti Jansen.
Photo: Steve Mack/S.D. Mack Pictures

Everyone loves Victor’s fashion designs. We are ecstatic to have been a part of the launch of his new Couture Hat Collection just in time for summer. Victor has a following of red carpet celebrities and socialites who all clamor to wear his one-of-a-kind pieces.

123456789SM027_The_Launch_oTanja Dreiding Wallace and Joy Marks .
Photo: Steve Mack/S.D. Mack Pictures.

Victor de Souza’s client list reads like the Who’s Who of Fashion Savvy Women. Victor’s fashion designs are often seen on the red carpet, at high level social event’s and in magazines. He has designed one of a kind dresses and gowns for Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rihanna. Sarah Jessica Parker, Cyndi Lauper, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Nicole Kidman, Paris Hilton and many other celebrities and socialites wear his fashions. To learn more about Victor, please go to

123456789SM068_The_Launch_oDaniela Zahradnikova and Sara Herbert-Galloway co-hosts of the
Couture Hat Launch.
Photo: Steve Mack/S.D. Mack Pictures.

There are four divisions of Victor de Souza’s company, haute couture clothing, culture hats, ready to wear clothing that is at Space Sixteen, and headwear hair accessories. Guests attending the Space Sixteen event consisted of many of New York City’s social elite. Most of these ladies will be traveling to the Hampton’s and Europe over the summer and plan to take along Victor’s hats.

Victor De Souza said “I have had requests over the years for my hats that I have created for my personal clients and have normally been only made to order. This year I wanted to make my creations available to the public and only offer one of a kind couture pieces that contain the same quality and personality of any of my existing fashions.”

123456789SM019_The_Launch_o Victor de Souza and Dustin Lujan.
Photo: Steve Mack/S.D. Mack Pictures.

Dustin Lujan said, “Being a Collaborator of the Victor De Souza Headwear line and a business consultant of Victor De Souza INC. I knew just any space would not do. Victor and Daniela share passion, ascetic for beauty and a joy for life, which is why I was pleased to bring the two together.”

Daniela Zahradnikova said, “I love people and love seeing them celebrate fashion and art. Space Sixteen is no stranger to events, having hosted Mitzi Perdue’s book signing about two weeks ago along with Sara Herbert-Galloway and Lorraine Cancro.”

123456789SM045_The_Launch_oLauren Lawrence and Katlean de Monchy.
Photo: Steve Mack/S.D. Mack Pictures

The event started at 6:00pm sharp with two hats already spoken for by Madame Dewi Soekarno (wife of the Indonesian President Soekarno) before the event began. Just as the doors to Space Sixteen opened for Victor’s hat launch, The Kentucky Derby’s 141st ‘Run for the Roses’ was about to begin in Kentucky where hats and horses are the main attraction.

123456789SM033_The_Launch_o Jim Luce, Daniela Zahradnikova, Yajaira Velez and Sophia Bishop.
Photo: Steve Mack/S.D. Mack Pictures.

Guests were greeted with a glass of champagne when they walked in the door. The champagne flowed all evening as guests, clients and socialites such as Joy Marks, Chi-Ti Jansen of China Happenings, Lauren Laurence of New York Daily news, Dr. Penny Grant, Consuelo Costin-Vanderbilt, Tracy Stern, Katlean De Monchy, Tanja Dreding Wallace and others. Italian Vouge and an HBO Film Crew attended along with over 100 esteemed followers admiring Victor’s creations.

123456789SM072_The_Launch_oPhoto: Steve Mack/S.D. Mack Pictures.

Jim Luce from the J. Luce Foundation and The Stewardship Report joined us wearing mid-eastern fashion, inspired by some of Victor’s Indian and Moroccan influence. The crowd was immediately enamored by Daniela and the beautiful space that was not only filled with fashion but incredible art. No doubt about it, the hats were the main event. There were hats with flowers, feathers, delicately placed birds, tall hats, small hats, veiled hats and every type of hat imaginable. I can’t wait to wear my Victor de Souza hat to an event.

123456789SM004_The_Launch_oHenry Buhl attend the event.
Photo: Steve Mack/S.D. Mack Pictures.

Ladies were immediately transformed into excited girls, remarking on the hats and trying on the pieces for as long as they possibly could until they had to be separated due to a transaction. The event was in true Victor De Souza style, adorned by his amazing fashions on display all around the store which can still be purchased at Space Sixteen.

IMG_9102The author, Sara Herbert-Galloway, Dustin Lujan, Victor de Souza,
Daniela Zahradnikova, co-creator of Space 16.
Photo: Steve Mack/S.D. Mack Pictures.

If you visit Space Sixteen you will also see a few cleverly edited hats designed by Victor specifically for the space. The event and the joy of Victor’s New Launch kept the crowd entertained until after 9:00 pm, an hour after the event was supposed to end. There were many photo-ops, interviews and a lot of enthusiasm from start to finish.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Joy Marks the day after the event.  She told me:

I had a great time at the event and loved wearing two of my favorite Victor de Souza outfits and hats! Victor de Souza is a very gifted fashion designer to the stars, as well as socialites, and anyone looking for an exquisitely made masterpiece of design.

His style, workmanship and quality are unparalleled and he has the ability to know exactly what to design for you and what will flatter you the most. From his spectacular evening gowns, cocktail dresses, suits of all kinds, and more, Victor can create the perfect look for you and top it off with one of his custom couture hats and/or headpiece collection.

Victor de Souza has become a favorite of Bill Cunningham, the most sought after fashion photographer from The New York Times. One evening Bill showcased many of Victor’s gowns in one column! I love Victor de Souza and you will too!

Just as American Pharaoh finished first at the Kentucky Derby and won the hearts of America, Victor de Souza also had a victory, he already had the hearts of his followers but now he will grace their heads with his truly amazing one-of-a-kind hat line as well.

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