Video: Mu Sochua Speech at Cécilia Attias Dialogue for Action

Noble Prize Nominee, human rights activist, and Cambodian Parliamentarian Mu Sochua spoke.

The event brought together an exceptional group of NGO leaders, experts and influencers from the private and public sectors.  This unique, interactive format provided a new platform where action-driven discussions focused exclusively on identifying and finding solut

The Dialogue For Action focused on topics such as healthcare, poverty, human rights, sex trafficking and discrimination to help improve the lives of women around the world.  Most importantly, following the Dialogue for Action, the foundation will see that dedicated initiatives are implemented where needed.  Local regional meetings will be organized as part of the follow-up in the field to assess the progress of each initiative.

The World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO) is the strategic partner of the Dialogue for Action whose global network of NGOs and affiliates has become an international leader in tackling issues of serious global concern.

Attendees include many of the thought leaders and global citizens I have interviewed over the years, including former Cambodian Parliament member and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Mu Sochua, UNICEF director Ann Veneman, leaders for Pro Mujer, Dina Powell of Goldman Sach’s 10,000 Women, and famed filmmaker Guy Jacobson.  The remarkable Women for Women founder Zainab Salbi and Bashman Omair also presented, among many other.

The event was broken down geographically, with an African round table, followed by the Americas, Asia and the Middle East.  Human rights activist Mu Sochua gave a special presentation during the session on Asia, which John Lee captured on video for The Stewardship Report. She received a standing ovation.

Photos and videos by John Lee for the Jim Luce Stewardship Report (JLSR).

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