WASP Dating Scene: What Tramp Steamer Did Your Family…

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My Forefathers arrived on the Mayflower!
What tramp steamer did your family arrive on?!

© Jan Ivarsson 2015.

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Our cartoonist has a full career behind him in project management and finance where he learned that just because he made it up doesn't mean it isn't true. Hence he thought that cartooning would be a natural segue for his talents. He currently resides in Connecticut surrounded by verdant fields, golden retrievers and neighbors who kindly advises him that he would be much happier living somewhere else. He is, of course, of the opinion that the dogs and scenery should stay. If so inclined please send any comments, moneys or your version of the truth to his email address at youcallthisfunny@gmail.com. Rest assured that all feedback will be thoroughly vetted by him, or his dogs, dependent on content.

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