Why More Football Fans are Opting for Craft Beer During the Games

As the NFL season begins, many football fans will be reaching for their favorite beverage to have as they watch the games. Research has shown that beer sales increase over 36 percent when the NFL season gets started, compared to the week prior. And while overall U.S. beer volume sales dropped 1 percent in 2018, the craft beer market rose 4 percent. Millions of people are opting for the unique flavors offered by smaller, independent craft beer producers when they watch their favorite team play.

“There is a shift in sales that is taking place in the beer world,” explains Eric DiCesare, chief executive officer of NDN BV, Inc. “Increasingly, people are opting for trying craft beers, especially when it comes to game night and having a good time with friends watching football.”

Craft beer, according to the Brewers Association, is made by a brewer that is small and independent. Craft brewers tend to have an annual production of less than 6 million barrels of beer. It’s no secret that football and beer tend to go together in America, there are several reasons why so many fans are opting for craft beer on game day. These reasons include:

  • Innovation.  Craft beers are known for innovation. They offer styles that others are not exploring. Many people are drawn to the innovative ways of the craft brewer. While craft beer is generally made with traditional ingredients, the craft brewer often uses non-traditional ingredients to help make a unique and distinctive beer.
  • Community. Craft brewers are known for being involved in the community, by sponsoring events and teams, volunteering, and providing product donations. They tend to create strong ties with the beer drinkers in their community. Plus, it’s estimated that most people in America live within 10 miles of a craft brewer.
  • Personality. It’s believed that there is a certain type of personality that goes along with each type of beer. According to AdAge, one’s choice in beer relates to their personality and politics. They report that those who drink a broad portfolio of beer, rather than being a one-brand drinker, are more open-minded, seek out interesting and varied experiences, are intellectually curious, and enjoy a variety of life experiences. Additionally, they report that craft beer drinkers are 153 percent more likely to always buy organic.
  • Love. Many football fans are lovers of beer. They love all things beer, including trying new flavors, varieties, and exploring the craft bees. Being able to explore new beers is similar to being a foodie when it comes to trying different types of food dishes.

“Craft beers provide people with something new and exciting,” added DiCesare. “They add a new layer or fun to the football season. Serve up a new craft beer this season and see what it’s all about. Craft beer like Jai Ho makes for a great tailgating party.”

Jai Ho Midnight is a craft beer that is an India Pale Ale (IPA) that features a red/orange pour with a frothy white head, a smooth, citrus aroma and is currently available in numerous cities around the country, causing many craft beer enthusiasts to sit up and take notice. It’s 100 percent organic, made with high-quality barley malt, hops and the crystal clear water from the Scandinavian underground. It is unfiltered and slow brewed over 49 days, and it is rated IBU 57 therefore is less bitter than other IPAs.

Jai Ho Midnight IPA is currently available in restaurants, bars and fine dining establishments in the following cities and states: Los Angeles, CA – San Francisco, CA – Las Vegas, NV – Houston, TX – Northern Virginia and New Jersey.

Coming soon: Jai Ho Midday, a full-bodied lager that features notes of fruit and hops. Follow on Instagram (@jaihobeer), Twitter (@jaihobeer) and Facebook. For more news and to learn more about Jai Ho or investing in NDN BV, Inc. please visit: www.ndnbv.com and www.jaihobeer.com.



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