WonderWorks Branson Providing Local Schools with In-Service STEM Educational Programs

Photo courtesy of WonderWorks

Photo courtesy of WonderWorks

WonderWorks, the indoor amusement park for the mind, is scheduled to open in Branson, Missouri Spring of 2020. They are teaming up with schools in Stone County, to offer in-service educational opportunities. This is just one of many STEM activities that WonderWorks offers and focuses on using scientific methods to engage students in learning about the principles of pressure.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to bring our programs to the local schools,” explains Brenda Dent, general manager of WonderWorks Branson. “Many children are visual learners, so this gives them a great way to see concepts in action, which will help them to understand more about what they are learning.”

WonderWorks will currently be taking their “Principles of Pressure” demo to select local elementary schools. It uses the scientific method to understand how pressure works and specifically how you can lay on a full size bed of nails and not get punctured. This is a two-part demo that includes understanding how much pressure it takes a nail to puncture something. The kids will work with the teacher to develop a hypothesis, conduct an experiment using a balloon on a nail, and then repeat the experiment using a block of wood. They will use math to determine the weight that can be on the nail before the balloon pops.

The session gives students a hands-on learning opportunity that should help to inspire their interest in science. The interactive program gives them the opportunity to use scientific methods, create hypothesis, and evaluate the outcome. The demo has been designed to be both entertaining and educational, so that more students will be excited about learning the concepts.

The tentative schedule of in-service STEM programs includes:

October 1, 2019:

Crane Elementary School

209 Pirate Lane

Crane, MO 65633

Crane R-III School District

Stone County – MO

October 2, 2019

Blue Eye Elementary School

512 State Hwy 13

Blue Eye, MO 65611

Blue Eye R-V School District

Stone County – MO

“I am very excited about the newly established partnership between WonderWorks Branson and the Blue Eye School District. Our students get a sneak peak of the engaging activities and learning opportunities that will be available to them and their families,” says Dr. Christine Butler, director of academic services at Blue Eye RV School District. “ WonderWorks Education Team Manager, Danielle Rish has gone out of her way to help us include as many students as possible when she visits the school for her presentation.  We look forward to having WonderWorks Branson on our list of places to visit annually to learn more about our world while having fun!”

WonderWorks Branson will be opening Spring 2020, and will be the company’s sixth location. WonderWorks new home was the previous location of Baldknobbers Theater located at 2835 W 76 Country Blvd. The new location will feature the attraction’s iconic exterior – a grandiose house flipped upside-down. The unique façade is part of WonderWorks’ background story. According to legend, it was once a top-secret laboratory that was lifted and flipped on its roof by an experiment gone awry. From its exterior to its interior, visitors of all ages will enjoy a family friendly, out of this world experience, which will make for some amazing memories.

The interactive indoor amusement park offers STEM-focused activities for all ages. There are over 100 hands-on activities that are focused on the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. Some of the exhibits will include a bubble room, Professor Wonder’s adventure, interactive sandbox, illusion art gallery, and xtreme 360 bikes. For more information on WonderWorks, visit the site at: https://www.wonderworksonline.com/branson-coming-soon/.

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