Year of the Dragon 2012: Feng Shui Tips to Wellness for NY’ers

F or some of the most driven and high-spirited people from around the country and the world who choose to make New York their oyster, periods of relaxation and carefree days may be few and far between.   It is this vision that I foresee in coming days and weeks.

The year of the dragon that begins in 2012 will be a critical transitional cycle for humanity.   Anyone who is serious about bouncing back or achieving their personal and professional goals should tap into Feng Shui and Chinese energy techniques to create balance and elevate the positive energy of people in their lives.   This, in turn, will boost their own vibrations and assist in the successful manifestation of those goals.


Since the early 90’s, I have helped bridge Feng Shui and Life Reading with mainstream western consciousness.   I have consulted on several high profile projects that served to transform specific neighborhoods and areas of New York through good design.   They include Times Square and Columbus Circle.   She has collaborated with the Mayor’s Office of New York, Trump International Hotel & Tower, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and the New York State Dormitory Authority, among others.


Our website covers guidelines and suggestions based on the Tin Sun Lineage system that advise on how to achieve wellness now and past the official transition into the Year of the Dragon, which officially begins on February 4, 2012.

A few tips that New Yorkers and others can benefit from by releasing negative energy leading up to and throughout the Year of the Dragon, according to the Lunar calculation, include:

Go watch the Lion Dance performances during the Lunar New Year period to tap into the happy spirit of many people assembled together in celebration.

Go to a spiritual site to reflect and set new goals in the Lunar New Year period with a grateful heart, regardless of current circumstances.   A humble and peaceful heart can connect to divine forces more easily, therefore, setting one’s best foot forward.

Do significant charity work and donate generously, especially during the Lunar New Year period because planting good seeds of karma help with one of the laws of the universe: what goes around comes around.



Some helpful routines that can stimulate balance and good energy throughout the Year of the Dragon that people can do are:


Find some location in the Northeast or North direction near you consisting of landscaping or nature where you can tap into good energy in the morning by walking pass it before work.

Walk along the Hudson River or somewhere where you can see the reflection of the evening sun on your body to release pressure from the day.   Any type of “down time” induces a more harmonious mental state and interaction with family when you get home.

Buy some flowers or branches to bring into your environment after you do one of the above so that the positive shift can continue in your space for a longer period of time.

Have a sea salt cleansing bath whenever you feel overly stressed.




Even though people celebrate the Lunar New Year on 1/23/12, the official beginning to the new cycle of the Dragon does not begin until 2/4/12 by lunar calculation, some energy clearing rituals on 2/3/12 people can do to improve the energy of themselves and their own space to conclude the previous stressful Lunar cycle are:

Detox your space with energy clearing prayers of the spiritual belief you are aligned with.

Do an energy clearing ritual that changes vibration of your space by using sage, incense, drums or bells, fire in a container or lighting matches at low energy meridian of the space in accordance to authentic Chinese Feng Shui using a Feng Shui compass.

Infuse sunlight and fresh airflow throughout the space.

Take a sea salt bath or other spiritual cleansing bath to wash off old and stressful energy of the ending lunar cycle.   Then your energy is fresh to receive a new beginning.






If you are curious about your luck in the Year of the Dragon, you could measure it by trying to make eggs stand upright on a flat surface table around 6:22pm on February 4, which is the official transitional time slot.   The wider side of the egg should be at the base, the more you could erect it, the higher your luck would be as long as you have good Feng Shui to compliment it.

One can learn more about the significance of this ritual and how to do it properly by visiting our website which features a blog entry about such an event held last year in Midtown Manhattan attended by the press and V.I.P. guests.


If you were born in the year of the Hare or Dog, either avoid entirely or use extra caution with any risky physical activities.   Any big moves that affect your financial portfolio should be discussed with wise counsel while applying a conservative attitude.


Finally, some things that people should be cautious about in 2012 are:

Avoid gatherings of a large group of people with destructive or negative energy because the energy will rub off on you.

Tune out news at night to clear and stabilize your energy for a good night sleep.





Master Pun-Yin is culturally attuned to East and West, having been born in Hong Kong and living in New York since the age of twelve.   Her background and client list are impeccable, her lineage and training are certainly unique among practitioners in the U.S.   Master Tin Sun, Pun-Yin’s father, took her on as apprentice from the age of ten.   The Tin Sun Lineage has existed for many generations.   Buddhist Monk Cheng Yei Shang Yen was the Grandmaster who held and then passed the torch to her father, who as part of his training had spent ten years studying at a Buddhist monastery in Canton, China.


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